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Marika: My Skin. My Way Stories | Gillette Venus

Meet the real women who are showing the world how many versions of beautiful skin there are—and how to own it. Marika was born with congenital nevi—a condition that left her skin covered in birthmarks from head to toe. Growing up in a world obsessed with perfect skin, she struggled with looking different. But today, she’s empowered by it.

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This video celebrates women who write the rules for their skin with Gillette Venus razors for women.


28 thoughts on “Marika: My Skin. My Way Stories | Gillette Venus

  1. As someone with giant congenital nevus, this makes me want to cry. I just want to give her a hug. I've never met anyone else like me in person…. And seeing the comments on this video, people are so nice! Most people that I've met haven't been like that.

  2. Quand je l'ai vu dans la pub, j'en ai eu des frissons ! Elle est vraiment très belle, vraiment sublime. Elle est l'une des plus belle personne que j'ai pu voir de mes 15 ans d'existence ! Cette peau lui correspond parfaitement bien et je ne répétera jamais assez à quel point elle est extraordinairement belle. Moi qui déteste ma peau ! 😌

  3. She's a beautiful girl!!!
    Here in Italy when we see a birthmark we joke about what the mom craved during the pregnancy. I suppose her mom really craved chocolate!! 😆🍫

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