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Marijuana Use – Ten Tips for How and Why to Quit

This video presents 10 tips for why not to smoke marijuana, and how to quit if you do. These health recommendations are based on expert clinical research presented by UpToDate online version 19.3, and a report by the US National Institute on Drug Abuse. This video is presented by Dr. Nicholas Cohen, MD and was released in 2012. The content of this video is not intended nor recommended as a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your own physician or other qualified health care professional regarding any medical questions or conditions.


33 thoughts on “Marijuana Use – Ten Tips for How and Why to Quit

  1. He looks like he does coke!!!!!! I guess!!! He's not convincing …….moreover, Ganja has cured people who has seizures, and all the children I know born to a mother that smoked week was 10 lbs plus and healthy as baby!!!! Oh my bad forgot I'm in America!!!

  2. How about edible marijuana? I feel this is a way to escape the lung damage while getting some of the benefits. Higher doses are problematic but small micro doses work wonders for many former Cannibis smokers.

  3. 🌹 I QUIT! AND THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS VIDEO! AND IF YOU READ THIS, YOU ARE A SERIOUS PERSON WHO CLICKED ON THIS VIDEO TO REALLY QUIT. PLEASE, BE THAT PERSON! 🌹I was depressed cuz I lost 6 jobs since highschool etc, not so good contact with my home etc cuz really bad things has been going down since age 11. Things so dark that very few can imagine. Later found out that it was not a good enough reason to bring myself down 20 levels more.. NOTHING IS!
    So.. I decided to try this out once when I got older… (now 24 years old). I’ll never do it again cuz I realized that not having control of the moment and really the thing of relying on something to become a better me in that way, was wrong. And I knew that I would be 100 times better without it when wanting to reach goals. Step by step-goals. Nothing to rush, just accept the moments but know that you’re not parked. You’ll be on the good path again, if you only let yourself. I tried it once and I felt at first like I was in panic cuz I had no control. Everything went spinnin crazy, my legs went cold af and heavy af and everything around me was just so.. unreal. The ground felt like it was something to bounce on, like gravity and things that I was walking on.. was just like a trampoline.. It might sound like a funny walk in the park but I assure you all. It was not. It felt scary, weird and dark… like everything around me had come to an end and that I was the reason.. thoughts you cannot control pops up. It was very unpleasant. Eyes started hurting and changing color and I felt like I just dropped 10 more levels down by experiencing all those things and 100 more things… how could I do this to myself and those around? Everything was just so unreal. Therefore I will quit. Because I am real and want something better for myself and those around. I guess it’s a mindset and something you really set your mind on, and it can be done. And you’ll be happy about the results! I guarantee. May you find the strenght to get you through what ever the fakk you in right now. A few pit-stops here and there must be respected and accepted without pushing yourself lower by letting something else get control over you. There is enough in life that you can’t control around you. Most things in life that is defined as a problem does take time to solve and fix, I know. But don’t do yourself the favor of letting something else control you even more! You matter just as much as the next man/girl! Feel your choices, never let anything take control over you. I mean it. You are far too worthy and precious. Unique cuz we are all different and has our roles to play. Please make yours the best you possibly can. You owe it to yourself and those around. Best of luck♥️♥️

  4. Been smoking the old weed everyday for 8 years now. Time to quit i don't even get stoned or enjoy it as much as I use to. I had a week of in June n I felt more high not smoking it so duckit I'm quitting or at least going to try peace out

  5. I'm five months clean and honestly it can still be hard. I don't miss the effect it had on my life but I struggle not having that reward after work and the gym. Smoked for over ten years and been cold turkey since I quit.

  6. For a doctor this guy is a clown crazy how doctors narratives change on the legality of marajuna how does weed have more cancer causing compounds then tabbaco last time I checked my bud don’t got benzene in it

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