An update on our jacket drive. We have some bad news and some very good news. We found out that the jackets parents donated were not accepted by customs in Vietnam. After discussing the shipment with DHL and in the spirit of Christmas, they agreed to donate US$1000 to purchase new jackets. With the help of our contact in Vietnam,Tuan, we found a local supplier to supply 100 jackets. We just received the message and photo from Tuan below. A big thank you to all the families that donated jackets for making this possible and to DHLexpress for following through and delivering for those in need in the Sa Pa Valley. Dhlexpress .

“I already sent these jackets for local childrens at Tavan school where is away to Sapa 20km mate , That’s the poorest village in Sapa . It’s so Meaningful day for them to receive gift on Christmas day from your organization and with your help to bring a warm winter for them”

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