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So what can you do to prioritize your mental health and make winter break a time of recovery instead? Below are five suggestions to help you make mental health a priority this year.

A Quick Note About Mental Health and Recovery 

Above all, you deserve support. Mental health struggles, like eating disorders, are severe, complicated conditions that often need expert-level care. If you or someone you know is struggling, seek professional guidance. You deserve to feel support and relief during the holiday season and beyond. The suggestions below do not replace treatment or specialized care; instead, they seek to enhance that work. If you or someone you love needs food or body image distress support, connect with our BALANCE team today.

Here are the five suggestions to help prioritize your mental health and recovery this winter.

Validate What You Are Feeling

There can be a lot of guilt and shame with struggling during the holidays, but your feelings are valid. However you feel,  whenever you feel it, is valid. The more you acknowledge and accept that your feelings are valid, the easier it is to navigate them. 

Be Compassionate With Yourself

Talk to yourself the way you would talk to your best friend. You deserve the same kindness you offer others, even within your head. 

Set Boundaries For Yourself

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