As a GP I read your article about testosterone replacement therapy with interest (‘My energy and drive are back’, G2, 9 September). I was disappointed it did not mention the 2016 review that concluded that testosterone supplementation for “low-T” is not supported by evidence. It is not due to lack of awareness that I rarely prescribe testosterone for “low-T”, but lack of evidence. I am sure that is also true of many of my colleagues.
Dr Alan Petrie

Your article on how miserable and sluggish men without testosterone can be only gives half the picture. I know someone who has had his testosterone blocked to stop the progression of prostate cancer. He is fairly happy because people love him, he is still alive, can read, still listen to music and has climbed many hills since the last source emanating from his adrenals was blocked. I hope men without testosterone won’t feel they have to succumb to misery. Brexit worries him far more.
Margaret Squires
St Andrews, Fife

Disaster tourism isn’t new (Whaley Bridge dry and high as damaged dam draws in tourists, 10 September). In 1852 there was a railway excursion to the scene of the great Holmfirth flood that year, and in 1967, thousands of sightseers descended on the scene of the terrible Stockport plane crash.
Susan Major

In two places on page 3 of Tuesday’s G2, animals are referred to as being the size of dogs. In one case, rats in Liverpool, in the other, a cat-like creature in East Yorkshire. Since dogs are somewhat variable in size, this description is not very helpful. Perhaps someone could come up with a standard dog for such occurrences, so it could be used with the same confidence as, for example, Wales, for area?
Penelope Stanford
New Ash Green, Kent

Why are so many Guardian readers (Letters, passim) going to the tax-avoiding Starbucks?
Jed O’Neill

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