The best thing about fall isn’t the leggings, the oversized sweaters, or even the apple cider doughnuts. It’s the fact that the streaming services surface all the scary movies, giving you the opportunity to soak up the best and worst the genre has to offer. And, if you’re like us, you’ll take the opportunity to get some bedroom inspo while you’re at it. Here are our top seven horror movies to role-play.

As the moistest horror movie of all time, Alien is nothing if not overtly sexual. Everything in this movie is completely covered in goo at all times. And there’s literally a creature called a facehugger that attaches itself to your face and implants an embryo down your throat. Need we say more?

Lots to work with here—you could go with forbidden steamy demon romp a la Amanda Seyfried and Megan Fox, or go full on Megan Fox having one of her “snacks.” Starts off sexy, ends up digest-y!

Ready or Not will give you a chance to break your wedding dress out from the back of the closet (or indulge in some cathartic weddings-aren’t-that-great-and-they’ll-probably-all-get-divorced-anyway play). Either way, put on a fluffy dress and prepare for some scary sexy hide and seek.

This is a great one for new parents to role-play because it’s kind of just like a normal night for you—try to do everything you’d normally do, only SILENTLY. If you eff it up, the monster will literally TEAR YOUR LIFE APART WITH ITS BARE HANDS. So yeah, just really, really quiet sex, or, on second thought, it might just not even be worth it.

If you’ve ever had fantasies of making a cheating boyfriend pay, now’s your chance to live them out. Put him in a bear suit while you don an enormous dress made of thousands of flowers, and then burn him alive (metaphorically of course).

You’re a cute French girl, your partner is a package of raw hamburger—go to town.

Our favorite movie of all time to role-play—it’s just you in a room alone!


P.S. Need more inspiration? Here’s a list of scary movies and TV shows that are also downright sexy.

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