Looking After The CREEPIEST Predators! 😵🕷 | Predator Pets | Curious?: Natural World

Watch as we visit proud predator owners who take care of some of the creepiest pets!

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From Season 1 Episode 13: It’s difficult for anyone not to get attached to a cute baby animal, and it turns out that when you own a zoo, it can be even harder not to blur the line between exhibit and pet – especially when the animal babies live in your house. Charlie Sammut shows us around Monterey Zoo this week and takes us closer than we’ve ever been to some truly incredible animals. Actress Dawn Wells is famous for her role on Gilligan’s Island, and as a passionate animal advocate, she tells us about her role as ambassador for The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee.

Predator Pets – Alligators, snakes, wolves, bears, and more, these deadly pets offer an adrenaline-pumping experience you just don’t get with a poodle. Have some pet owners crossed a line by keeping these wild animals in their homes? Predators Pets investigates extreme pets and the danger factor that their owners see as a positive rather than a problem.

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