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LIVE: Man Dresses Up as a Black Woman to Attack Ex-GF, Tough Guy Karen Impersonates a Cop

A Georgia insurance commissioner used money from his insurance fraud. A “Christian” woman leaves a racist anonymous voicemail to an Asian therapist. A sergeant faces felony charges after a violent arrest of a Black homeless man. A tough guy Male-Karen attempts to impersonate a police officer. A group of Anti-Karens confront a racist Karen at a Vietnamese restaurant. A former UK medical student sentenced to 15 years for throwing acid on ex-girlfriend while disguised as Black woman. A majority-Black Michigan city has a water problem that rivals the Flint water crisis. Update: The racist wedding guest gets industry blacklisted and faces divorce. Co-Host Dina Doll. Matt Larosiere returns to the BULLPEN.

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45 thoughts on “LIVE: Man Dresses Up as a Black Woman to Attack Ex-GF, Tough Guy Karen Impersonates a Cop

  1. My Brother, I have watched your show for months now and look forward to watching every day. I am a Bi-Racial man soon to be 70 and have seen so much in my life journey. Black father, white mother, and grew up in the Hunters Point Projects in San Francisco. This is long before Mr S. Curry made it fashionable and acceptable😉. I am subscribing today. Living in the Bay Area I was an activist for minority rights my hole life and saw the rise of Huey P Newton, the Angela Davis trials, SLA, to name just a few. But, one socially Injustice continues to hurt me today, and that is the Murder of a Beautiful Young Brother Named Fred Hampton. And, I have seen thousands of these crimes against Colored People. Yes I said Colored People, since this is what we were called most of my Growing years. For me, I was a Tar Baby, Zebra, etc. Keep it going and never forget Mr. Fred Hampton, rayray ✊✌️

  2. Did u notice that the other cops didn’t react at all as though this was 💯% normal behavior when SGT Eric Huxley kicked the homeless Black man in his face? After this, the last thing that Jermaine should do is be homeless. Instead, he should be a multi-millionaire after suing the crap out of the police.

  3. Democrats are holding up the infrastructure bill in Congress. Stupid shit like this is why I have a problem trusting what you say. I don't even watch The Bullpen anymore.

  4. Dr. RICHIE, I'm from South Haven, MI, 20 miles north of Benton Harbor. White flight created the racial separation there, where I went to community college in 1986. Guess what local bigots call this city? "BENTON HARLEM," and they then laugh, as if they came up with that, and as if it is clever.

  5. "The irony is staggering", but predictable. That's the shat that they blame on " dems". The G0P are the biggest crooks in the world. 😏 It's so good to see that the sheet is finally being uncovered.

  6. OMG, I can barely watch the oink kicking that BM in the head! UGH!!!!! They already had him handcuffed and he was "complying", there was NO dam need for the rough housing!

    They do this crap all the time to BP who give them " lip", but not to the WP! This crap has got to stop now! Talking or "mouthing off" is not illegal! I don't care how mad it makes them when a BP does it!

  7. If Police Officers want to continue to Assault Citizens, let he Video Camera catch them all. I will say thank God for the Invention of the small Very do Camera. What citizen Abuses done in darkness will be on the nightly news.

  8. So TYT is good with open weapons during an interview? So he is a tax lawyer and not a terrorist? There is a black man on my screen beside a white man with a wall of weapons. Is that the image you are trying to project? Americans accept too many things as normal. I'm here to support the Dr., not that disgusting display.

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