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“Little Fish” starring Olivia Cooke as Emma and Jack O’Connell as Jude is the story of a beautiful and heartbreaking love story. It is a sci-fi drama about a new virus that causes permanent memory loss.

The film tells the tragically sad story of this fictional virus that slowly takes memory away from the husband who is infected with this virus, and then the wife left to care for her husband and his failing mind as he slips away from her day by day.

The film was directed by Chad Hartigan. The film’s writers were Aja Gabel and Mattson Tomlin. This film came out in November 2020 and didn’t get any recognition or buzz despite receiving a respectable Metascore of 71. Cooke and O’Connell both chipped in great performances on screen.

The possibilities of a virus that could take away your mind in the prime of your life is a horrifying prospect. Some of the important themes of the film that warrant further investigation and discussion include love and care for a loved one, grief and loss, among other things.

“Little Fish” is now streaming on Hulu.

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