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Lifestyle Newborn Session with Twin Babies and Toddler | San Francisco Photographer | Bojana Korach Photography

Guys, how cute is this lifestyle session with twin babies and their toddler “big” sister? Even with ten years of experience photographing babies in the San Francisco Bay Area, it is not too often that I get to photograph twin newborns and especially not twins with a three year old older sibling. Actually, I am pretty sure this was my first such combination. I loved every moment of this lifestyle session including shooting and editing. Finally now I get to pick my favorite images to show off. Choosing favorites was not an easy task at all because the gallery ended up being huge, with 150 different captures, and you can imagine how narrowing it down can be slightly difficult.

About the Newborn Session

I was excited, to say the least, when I first entered this family’s beautiful home in the Orinda hills. It is always the unexpected that gets my creative juices flowing so I usually welcome a touch of uncertainty but this particular day was slightly worrisome to me as a natural light photographer. It was so dark and gloomy and it rained all day long with no break in sight. As I was driving the curvy mountain road up to the house I was hoping that there would be enough light and I would not have to postpone the session. As I entered, I saw the beautiful living space with huge windows and I breathed a sigh of relief. I knew immediately that it would work, erasing any doubts I had.

My favorite part during the whole session was the twins’ older sister who was so sweet and loving. She was giving her new sister and brother lot’s of kisses and hugs.

This session is an excellent example of why I love newborn photography. The precious memories of those very first moments when this sweet family became a party of five is captured by me and these images will now last forever. Enjoy!

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