Hi, again!

If I thought winter term was crazy, I had another thing coming for me just a little ways down the road.

The last couple of weeks have consisted of studying for (and taking, and passing…and getting grades that I am VERY pleased with!) final exams for my five classes, packing up my house, moving all of my stuff from Corvallis and back to Portland, many “last hurrah” festivities with all of my fellow college-graduating friends at school, beginning celebrating each of my four friends who are getting married THIS summer, one being tonight (and two are in Bend…of which I’m a bridesmaid in!), three job interviews (all of which I was offered the job on the spot…and now I have to figure out which one to take/what makes the most sense), and now I’m getting ready to begin my first of four, two-week long housesitting gigs I’m doing this summer, the first one starting Friday. So basically, I’m living out of a suitcase for the next ten weeks! Which, is a little challenging, and also brings with it some feelings of being unsettled. My stuff is all over the place, as are my thoughts, feelings, and emotions. The three online summer courses that I’m taking begin Monday, so that’s another thing on my agenda as well.

Oh, and did I mention? I GOT ENGAGED ON FRIDAY!!!

I (or should I say WE) am SO over the moon excited, but as you all either know or can imagine…that’s another major thing to be planning! I’ve found myself getting pretty overwhelmed at times, which my fiancé (WOW that’s weird to write!!) is great at trying to help with, but there’s only so much that someone else can do, you know? I’ve certainly been “praying into” not knowing what my future holds, but knowing WHO holds my future. I am reminding myself constantly that I have a heavenly father who loves me more than I know, a soon-to-be husband who I love more than anything in the world, a family who is unconditionally supportive, and incredible friends behind me. This next chapter of my life is going to be (as if it hasn’t been already!) full to the max, but I know that I (we) can, and will, get through it, and get through it well. Despite the seemingly never-ending to-do lists, everything that’s happening in my life is what I’ve been working so hard for, backed by my family, friends, and treatment team. I can hardly believe that it’s been six months since I’ve seen any of them (therapist, psychiatrist, or dietician), and that I’m doing well enough that it’s not a concern. Really, I can’t believe that this is my life! I feel so, so blessed.

More to come at some point, but for now, that’s the gist of it!

Happy summer, and whatever phase of life you’re in, I hope you’re remembering who holds your future.

🙂 Bridge


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