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Let’s Close Our Ranks

We have been through a lot in Bachama land and Numan Federation at large. I don’t need to remind us of the attempt by the enemy to conquer us and take away our land even with government’s support but for God’s intervention; one important fact I want to raise here is that, there are subtle ways used by the enemy in order to gain victory. The goal of your enemy is to dislodge and subdue you, and he does everything within its means to conquer you. It is an important fact to understand that, while you are taking it for granted, your enemy means business! He does not relent, he strategises to ensure that victory is won hence he uses some subtle means.

It is worthy of note to understand that, in terms of might, these people know very well that they can’t stand us, even with the help of the government on their side, they still failed as compared to what they do in so many places and get away with. This is an established fact, and no one can take it from us. But I want to speak to use this platform and speak to us as warriors that we are: We must not forget that you can’t carry one strategy and go to battle front with, unless you want the enemy to defeat and subjugate you. Why am I writing this? I will tell you. I have seen so much division on various social media platforms, pointing accusing fingers on one another, to some is insults! Nay my brethren it ought not to be so! One thing we cannot afford to do at this point in time is to break our ranks. We must make conscious and deliberate efforts to close our ranks in order not to give our enemies any chance. Anybody that is against closing ranks should be considered as one with the enemy.

Since they cannot face us with might and succeed, they will use politics or any other means that will whip our emotions and make us divided, hence we must be careful because our battle can either be won or lost on that front. And once that is done, we have opened the door for the enemy to come in because then our source of strength will be broken. Watch out please!

I know, our representatives and a lot of those we called our leaders haven’t done much as in condemning what happened. Our representatives kept mum even on the floor of the various houses. Danjuma Goje who was from Gombe State had to raise the issue in favour of Fulani Herdsmen but there was no counter from our very own what a Shame! I am glad that this is a write-up. Posterity will not forgive them for doing that to their people, for turning their back on their people. However, as a Bwata Man, I know one thing, that it is a taboo to wash your dirty linens outside. We have a common enemy so we must come together and fight the enemy, push them our of our territory and then when we come back home, we can face those people. For those of them that are political office holders, 2019 is just around the corner that is when we galvanize, reorient ourselves and ensure they did not go back! That is the power of the people. I must say also that, we need to know who we send to represent us not unless we want to go for the stipends they will give us and we sell our land and our generations only to open the way for the enemies of our land to take over. Our ancestors will never forgive us! Posterity will never forgive us! And God forbid it.

Having said that, I would like to draw our attention to the fact that we have different choices, everybody has right to choose, vote and campaign for whosoever they will; we must know respect that and accommodate them. Of course all of us can’t do the same thing. But if there is anything that we need to do right now is “CLOSE OUR RANKS”.

God bless Njiya Bwara! God bless Numan Federation! God bless Adamawa South Senatorial Zone! God bless Adamawa State! God bless Nigeria!




Source by Caleb Adiga Zadok

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