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Legendairy Milk Silicone Collection Cups Review and Tips (2021)

Collection cups can be a great way to make pumping breast milk easier when you need to multitask! Here’s a complete review of Legendairy Milk Silicone Collection cups.

A Spectra S2 breast pump connected to Legendairy Milk Silicone Collection cups on a black surface with text overlay Legendairy Milk Silicone Collection Cups Review

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What are Legendairy Milk Collection Cups?

Legendairy Milk Silicone Collection Cups are an alternative to pumping into the bottle and pump parts that come with your breast pump.

Basically, it allows you to put everything except your pump (pump parts and collection container) into your nursing bra, rather than having it hanging off of your chest.

Legendairy Milk Silicone Collection cups and Spectra breast pump parts on a black surface with text overlay Legendairy Milk Silicone Collection cups (under the cups) and Breast pump parts and bottle (under the pump parts)

This can make it easier to pump in public, pump while caring for your baby, or get stuff done around the house.

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How are these cups different from the Elvie or Willow?

The Elvie, Willow, and other wireless breast pumps are self-contained pumps that go in your nursing bra – there are no wires, tubing, or separate pump to manage.

Collection cups work work much in the same manner – the collection cup and pump parts go in your bra – but the pump is separate. You’d use these with your electric breast pump, not in place of it. These cups just replace the pump parts, not the full pump.

Other companies make similar cups for pumping breast milk, such as Freemie collection cups and Spectra Cara Cups.

Why use collection cups?

Collection cups can come in handy in many situations where you’d prefer not to have pump parts and bottles hanging off of your chest, versus having everything enclosed in your nursing bra.

Woman wearing a gray t-shirt with Legendairy Milk cups on underneath. She has shoulder length brown hair, sunglasses on her head, and her yellow phone in front of her face

Some examples include:

  • If you frequently need to care for your baby while you pump and find it challenging. For example, it may be easier to pump with an older baby who is interested in your tubing with fewer things that he or she can grab.
  • If you need to pump on the go or at work, these cups can be more discreet than pumping with pump parts and bottles.
  • It can be easier to cook, drive, and do other activities with everything in your bra rather than hanging off of your chest.

Legendairy Milk Collection Cups Review

Below are some of the pros and cons of these cups compared to other brands.

Pros of Legendairy Milk cups

  • The breast shields are made of silicone (as opposed to plastic), which can be more comfortable and work better for people with elastic nipples.
  • The cups hold up to 8oz of milk on each side.
  • It’s very flexible in terms of set up – it comes with its own tubing, as well as several adapters that allow you to use it with most breast pumps.

Cons of Legendairy Milk cups

  • The biggest breast shield size currently available is 28mm. (24mm and 28mm are provided, and you can use inserts to get a smaller size. However, there is no way to get a bigger size.)

What pumps are compatible with these cups?

Most breast pumps work with Legendairy Milk cups, including:

You can see a complete list here.

What flange sizes are available?

The cups come with 24mm and 28mm breast shields.

Legendairy Milk also sells 21mm and 19mm inserts that you can use with the 24mm size if you need a smaller size.

Collection cups with flange insert next to it, next to an image of flange insert inside the collection cup with text overlay You can use a sizing insert if you need a 21mm or 19mm breast shield

How do you assemble the Legendairy Milk collection cups?

Legendairy Milk collection cups have 6 parts.

Individual parts of Legendairy Milk collection cups laid out on a blank surface. Each part has text overlay that describes what it is: Breast shield, collection cups, duckbill, backflow protector (labeled for both the diaphragm and the cap), and connector

These include:

  • Breast shield – This piece goes on your breast, and comes in two sizes (24mm and 28mm). You can get a smaller size if necessary by buying inserts.
  • Cup – The milk flows in to the cup as you pump.
  • Duckbill – Stretches and releases each time your pump pulls, providing the suction.
  • Backflow protector diaphragm and cap – Prevents any breast milk from flowing back into the tubing.
  • Connector – Connects the breast shield, duckbill, and backflow protector together.

To assemble the cups, you attach the duckbill to the connector as well as to the backflow protector diaphragm and cap.

Then put the breast shield on the connector, and position it in the cup so that the backflow protector stem is aligned with the notch in the cup. Then, seal the breast shield on top of the cup and attach the tubing.

(To seal, I start in one spot and then make my way around, pushing down on both sides until it’s closed.)

How to Assemble Legendairy Milk Cups | 1) Attach duckbill to connector 2) Attach backflow protector diaphragm 3) Attach backflow protector cover 4) Attach breast shield 5) Align cups notch with backflow protector and seal

Want to check these out? Legendairy Milk reached out and gave me a discount code – take 15% off with the code EPUMP!

Have you used these collection cups? Give us your Legendairy Milk cups review in the comments!

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