Legendairy Milk Duette Breast Pump Review

Are you pregnant and in the market for a breast pump? Legendairy Milk makes a unique double electric breast pump called the Duette. Here’s a complete Legendairy Milk Duette review.

Duette breast pump with text overlay Legendairy Milk Duette Breast Pump Review

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What is the Legendairy Milk Duette?

The Duette is a new double electric breast pump. It has twin motors – one on each side – and is most similar to the Spectra Synergy Liquid Gold and the Unimom Opera.

Legendairy Milk Duette on a black desk

You can see more of how it works in the below stories:

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What are the pros of the Legendairy Milk Duette?

This pump has a lot of great features, including the following:

  • Some people respond better to stronger suction on one side, while the other side needs gentler suction. You can set the vacuum and cycle strength separately for each breast using the Duette.
  • The breast shields are silicone, which some people find more comfortable than hard plastic flanges.
  • It’s a closed system pump, so milk won’t get into the tubing and motor.
  • You have the ability to pause the pumping session and restart the pump later, if you get interrupted.
  • The pump has a rechargeable battery, so you’re not tied to an outlet.
  • It has four different modes – stimulation (also called massage or letdown), expression, rapid phase (alternating 5 cycles of stimulation and 5 cycles of expression) and auto loop (alternating 3 minutes of stimulation and 7 minutes of expression).
  • The pump has a memory function, so you can set it up to remember the settings that you normally use.
  • It has the ability to set a child lock so that if you have an older baby or a toddler, they can’t play with the pump and adjust the settings while you’re trying to pump.

What are the cons of the Duette?

The Duette also has a few disadvantages:

  • I don’t love the connected silicone cushion and duckbill – it’s kind of hard to get it into place and get it out.
  • It doesn’t have connectivity with an app, unlike some other options.
  • This is purely an aesthetic preference, but I don’t like how the bottles are sort of tinted yellow. They kind of look like you ran normal bottles through the dishwasher with dishes with pasta sauce on them.

What’s in the box?

Legendairy Milk Duette breast pump in a box

The box includes:

  • The Duette breast pump unit,
  • Two sets of breast pump parts – two bottles, bottle holders, connectors, breast shield and duckbill, backflow protector diaphragms, and caps,
  • Two sets of tubing,
  • Nipples and caps for the bottles, and
  • A USB-C charger

How to assemble Duette pump parts

How to Assemble Legendairy Milk Duette pump parts

Here are the steps to assemble the Duette pump parts:

  • Position the silicone breast shield cushion/duckbill inside the connector.
  • Put the backflow protector diaphragm in the connector and screw the cap on.
  • Screw the bottle onto the connector.
  • Attach the tubing.

How to use the different pump settings?

Here’s how to use the Legendairy Milk Duette.

Legendairy Milk Duette screen

The Duette has twin motors, so you can control the suction and cycle speed separately on each side. To adjust the suction up or down, you press the + or – buttons on the side you want to change. To adjust cycle speed, press the speed button on the relevant side.

The buttons on the bottom do the following (from left to right):

  • Sets the memory function
  • Selects the side (left, right, or both)
  • Turns the pump on and off
  • Pauses and restarts the pump
  • Changes the mode between stimulation, expression, rapid and auto loop

How does the Legendairy Milk Duette compare to the Spectra Synergy Liquid Gold or Unimom Opera?

Here’s a quick comparison of these three pumps:

20mm, 24mm, 28mm, and 32mm 

4 (stimulation, expression, rapid, auto)

4 (single right, single left, massage, expression)

4 (single right, single left, alternate, both)

Legendairy Milk Duette – Bottom line

The Duette is a great option if you’re looking for a double electric breast pump with twin motors! Not only is it priced at lower level that similar options, it has a lot of features that other pumps don’t (like the memory and pause functions), and is an effective, powerful breast pump.

Want to check this pump out? Legendairy Milk reached out and gave me a discount code – take 15% off with the code EPUMP!

Have you used this breast pump? Let us know your Legendairy Milk Duette review in the comments!

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