It’s business as usual up here in Canada watching the goofs in government pretending their doing a good job with the legalization of marijuana . As usual it’s a gong show of incompetence and blunders at the taxpayers expense. I’m sure in the future we will all witness the effects of how poor legislation and the incompetence of politicians will affect the Canadian population. Right from the start I could see this turning into a money pit for the taxpayers and a huge burden on the Police Forces having to deal with the after effects as seen in other jurisdiction from around the world.

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  1. Marijuana has been legal in the state of California for a year the funny thing is the retards in the California government were surprised to find out the number of traffic accidents due to marijuana has increased….. well most shit go figure!

  2. Hey Steve , i was wandering, if your a card carrying pot smoker. Do you get a drug test exemption card.
    Seems like the good paying jobs all require drug test. So this new law. Who is it targeting.
    By the way ,missed ya last week while you were out hunting. How'd that tent work for ya?

  3. It always cost the Tax payers! Well Steve I don't think I will, but if everyone's sitting around the camp fire well I might try for the Rocky Mountain High! LOL LOL To many Rules and laws on everything! Your so right!

  4. A friend of mine lives in an apartment and the whole building smells like weed. My buddy gets a headache from it so he has been staying with his parents until the cops and the owner sort out the mess. Still the same 2 weeks later.

  5. It's not legal in Texas and I doubt if it will be anytime soon.
    The state it to smart to get into a price war with the Mexican drug cartels that sell it on every corner. 😉

  6. Steve I never smoked and probably won't start now. Not interested in the stuff. I like to drink now and then and that suits me just fine. It seems to me the federal government said lets legalize weed and collect a ton of taxes. Then they told the provinces to look after the roll out and training of all police and systems to manage it's use. The provinces bare the cost of getting the country into the management of legal pot and the bulk of the taxes go to the feds. Great plan….

  7. Well, here the Dumbocrates and liberalbrats will make it legal if they can.. Tax money, and gun control, we can't own/carry a firearm if you use marijuana. So making it legal will help them take guns.

  8. If Our Gov ran Our Counties for the people and not themselves we'd be in good shape but they run it to fit their needs, their greed and screw the people.

  9. our lovely governor ran on legal weed,they are in the process of figuring it out as we speak. part one was voted on and passed today,they also will dismiss any charges a person has gotten for weed once it becomes completely legal…..would you rather have a invasion like we are dealing with or a bunch of stoners ordering take out food??? LOL

  10. I finally found this! Lol
    I must let it be known that I agree fully with your thoughts here and also on how the leader of Canada and the party that he belongs to are the goofiest pack of bastards this planet has ever seen.

  11. They had to legalize, because they lost the drug war. Anyone buying from the govt doesn't understand what happened and why. We cannabis consumers will continue to do what we always have done. That's how you beat them. Do what you want, be smart, and shut up. Enjoy your lives.

  12. Marijuana sales are good the taxs from it are good if you don't smoke don't smoke but don't target people who smoke because you been trained to believe it's bad it doesn't do anything besides make you eat some extra food at the end of the 45 min buzz they say it last four hours but if you smoke it you know how long it actually lasts nice legal info though but the government is making good money off it and it should stay legalized. Leave the peaceful hard working potheads alone a lot of them have jobs you know how would we buy it just leave them be. you read the case it has a ittle warning not a big warning because it doesn't have any negative side affects but people don't look at that. no one is forcing you to smoke

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