Learn how to become great Cybersecurity Auditors and Consultants

In this webinar, we discuss how you can get started in computers and cybersecurity specifically, the major steps to take along the way, and the progression of skill sets to get to this point.

As a Cybersecurity Auditor, Consultant, or InfoSec Administrator, there are certain steps that you should be doing if you’re considering a career in cybersecurity. We will also talk about the job opportunities in the market and the role that professional certifications such as the Certified Ethical Hacker play in the enhancement of a cybersecurity career.

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Top recommendations for Cybersecurity Auditors, Consultants, or InfoSec Administrators:

Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) – https://www.eccouncil.org/programs/certified-ethical-hacker-ceh/

Certified Security Analyst (ECSA) – https://www.eccouncil.org/programs/certified-security-analyst-ecsa/

Licensed Penetration Tester (LPT) Master – https://www.eccouncil.org/programs/licensed-penetration-tester-lpt-master/


About the Speaker:

Nia Luckey is a true innovator. She doesn’t see obstacles but rather opportunities for growth, improvement, and alignment. As an industry leader, she has established two 501c3 affiliate chapters in her local area of North Carolina. The Information Systems Security Association of Fayetteville and Fort Bragg and the Women’s Society of CyberJutsu Eastern Carolina. She also sits on the Extended Board of Advisors for Fayetteville Technical Community College’s Cybersecurity Program. Nia’s focus is on having difficult and unique conversations that lead to success and career transformation. She uses the same approach to her daily job. She is a firm believer that if the strategy works you should be able to apply it to all facets of life and expect good repeatable results. She loves sharing her success to help others grow and most recently partnered with Onward to Opportunity teaching about the changes in the IT Industry to transitioning veterans, sharing her story with ITSP Magazine, and EC-Council’s “Ethical Hacking Career Path” webinar series.


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