Leah Williamson on performance anxiety, endometriosis, & what she hopes for the future of football

Leah Williamson speaks to Women’s Health’s YouTube channel about how sport helped her body confidence at school, why the Lionesses wrote to the Government, performance anxiety, and what her endometriosis diagnosis has taught her…


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35 thoughts on “Leah Williamson on performance anxiety, endometriosis, & what she hopes for the future of football”
  1. Leah Williamson is simply amazing! Not only a great player, but an extremely smart, well-spoken and inspirational person!

  2. Leah is a legend she's such a great football player and a captain for club and country. And considering the condition, she is carrying makes her all the more special, and I think she should join the Villa with Jordon and Rachel, what a great team that would be, I love watching ladies' football so much better than watching the pussy male prima donnas.

  3. Miss Williamson would be the first to admit that she is a stranger to most of us . What we see here is the product of good parents that gave their child opportunities and the child made the most of them and with a more than a little determination and self motivation, turned into the stuff of dreams and made her dreams come true . Every successful sports person has a long list of folk that help them achieve there goals. What makes Leah stand out is her ability to relate to woman of all ages, she is so open and honest about her self that we end up questioning our own short comings because she sounds so normal . Who doesn’t want her as a best friend and yes lover . There is so much to be admired but in my humble opinion she is courageous humble and smart . Her talent is unquestionable but there are many others in both the mens and woman’s game that have as much if not more talent but don’t use there stature in the game for good as Leah does. That in its self speaks volumes about the person she is. I’d prefer to meet her and talk Arsenal than many in the mens team because she isn’t a Gooner because she signed for the club , she signed for the club because she is a Gooner . Respect to her . 😊

  4. I know I am late putting this up but I wanted to say that you ( Leah) and the rest of the girls around the world who play sport managed to convince my school to do a girls football club. The school still isn't perfect because girls aren't allowed to do boxing and 2022 was the first year they taught football to girls in a pe lesson.

    Being a girl who likes sport I struggle in or lessons because all the other girls in my class don't like pe so there is about 5 of us and my PE teacher playing a game/ match while the others just stand around and talk to their friends
    So I just wanted to say thank you.
    I am so greatful.

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