This week may feel like a recovery week. We are coming off of an intense emotional weekend – one that is likely to leave you reeling. What just happened? Where am I? What do I do now? Use this week to reflect, meditate and turn inward. Give yourself time and space to integrate all that has happened. Give your body a moment to rest and cool down. Choose yoga sets that are more relaxing, meditative and inwardly-directed. The Moon is waning this week. She rises after sunset and each night appears smaller and smaller in the sky. As a result, our emotional reserves dwindle as the week marches on. 

Use Monday to find your balance. Find harmony with the people around you. Lay down the sword and make peace. Open yourself to possibilities and restore bridges. Work together with others. Make collaborations at work. It is a good day to work with a partner on projects that you might otherwise tackle on your own.

The emotional thermometer turns up on Tuesday thanks to the Moon’s entrance into extreme Scorpio. Small issues can easily result in huge outbursts of emotions. Buried feelings are rising to the surface. This is a time to deal with the heart of difficult matters. Get to the root cause instead of just treating the superficial layers. 

Wednesday is a good day for follow through. Finish up tasks that are on your workbench. There is a feeling of determination in the air that helps you see things through to the finish line. It is a day to do things with passion. Let deep inner emotion fuel you. You have a laser-like focus that helps you with any sort of detective work you need to do to solve problems you face. Be mindful that at 8:30pm EST (5:30pm PST), the Moon goes void-of-course. For the remainder of the day, we have lost our sense of direction and intuition. Make no major plans or decisions during this time. Instead, just stick to routine tasks.

Thursday is April Fools’ Day – get your jokes ready. The universe is playing along by setting the stage with a playful Sagittarius Moon, helping to raise the energy and keep things fun. With a favorable angle to the Sun in creative Aries, the time is right to poke fun and enjoy each other’s humor. Let this fiery mood inspire you to create, explore, learn and expand your own horizons. Transformation is in the air. Let it happen.

Friday is Good Friday. Easter weekend has begun. Astrologically we are asked to take the high road. Dive into a spiritual text that calls to you. Find inspiration in the words of a spiritual figure that you look up to. This is a time for ritual – regardless of your spiritual affliction. Dabble in whatever ceremony feels right to you. Sing, dance, pray. The universe is listening. If you are looking for new music to inspire you, consider the album by Krishna Das, “Heart as Wide as the World”. Tracks like “Hallelujah Shri Ram” and “Narayana for your Love” are guaranteed to uplift, inspire and heal.

Saturday, also known as “Saturn’s Day” has an extra dose of Saturn energy thanks to the Moon’s entrance into Capricorn during the early morning hours. For the remainder of the day we are asked to work. Take care of chores around the house that have been neglected all week. Start on projects that you have been meaning to initiate.

Sunday is Easter. Although it’s a fun, celebratory occasion, it may come with a bit of an edge. There is tension in the cosmos, and thereby tension down here on Earth, as reflected by the square angle between the Sun and the Moon. Don’t be surprised if you feel friction with others – especially with members of the opposite sex. One side feels fiery, aggressive and argumentative while the other is sensitive, pragmatic and doing all the work. One side is acting selfish and immature while the other has to step up and be the disciplining force – staying grounded and taking care of the details. Ask how you can help. Speak up if you need help. Work together instead of letting difficult emotions fester.


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