Before you begin to work with your child in the kitchen it is important that they understand how to be safe in the kitchen. To ensure safety, it is a good idea to explicitly teach the tips below to your child before you begin creating recipes in your kitchen.

This post lists and explains 5 of the top safety tips for kids in the kitchen. A more detailed version can be downloaded below which includes 16 safety tips with pictures for kids, a notes section where your child can take notes about what they have learned or want to try, a fillable section for their kitchen goals and a bonus section where your child can create a list of family meal ideas that they want to try as well as an ingredients section. 

Teaching kitchen skills will help your child learn an important life skill. Kids should be supervised in the kitchen and safety should always come first!

Kitchen Safety Tips for Kids


SAFETY TIP ONE: Know what the fire extinguisher is, where the fire extinguisher is located, how to use it and/or how to ask for help.

In the event that there is ever a fire it is very important that everyone in the kitchen is aware of the location of the fire extinguisher and how to operate it (if the child is able to safely hold and lift it.) If you need guidance or tips on fire safety, Sparky School House has a ton of Fire Safety recources for families and children. 

SAFETY TIP TWO: Wear indoor shoes 

Safety should always come first, if you have slippery floors and your child is wearing socks, they could easily slip. Have them wear indoor shoes with proper soles, this is important because we often handle hot and sharp items while in the kitchen, let’s avoid slips!

SAFETY TIP THREE: Be at a height to look down onto the food

Always be at a height to be able to look down onto your food and safely reach. You should never be lower than above eye level. Children should not have to stand on the coutertops in order to make a recipe, or have to reach further than they are able to. If your countertops or tables are too high for your child, think about getting a smaller table for your child to ensure their safety.  

SAFETY TIP FOUR: Only use knives with permission.

Knife safety is extremely important. Ensure you teach your child how to safely use and hold knives – knives should be held downwards when carrying a knife from one place to another. You can also teach your child to call out ‘Sharp Knife’ when carrying a knife from one place to the next, this will ensure that everyone in the kitchen is safe, especially when there are knives moving from one place to the next. 

SAFETY TIP FIVE: Always turn handles of pots and pans away from the front of the stove.

Show your child the correct and incorrect way that the handles should face. You want to make sure that handles are not poking out over the stovetop and that they are facing inwards. This is important as it will avoid someone from passing by the pot or pan an knocking it off of the stove which could lead to burns and spills. 


Kitchen Safety Tips for Kids Free Printable

Remember, your child is probably very excited about getting into the kitchen and learning how to make their own recipes, however before they do so they need to have a clear understanding of how they can keep themselves and those around them safe. Kids are like little sponges, they soak up information so easily. You will be surprised how much they will remember if you take the time to explicitly teach them these safety tips before making delicious creations in your home! Have fun and enjoy this time with your child.


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