Kim Campbell - Pure Comfort - Exploring the Delicious World of Plant-Based Comfort Food

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Kim Campbell is the Director of Culinary Education and Development at PlantPure and the daughter-in-law of T.Colin Campbell known, of course, for authoring The China Study and his work in Forks Over Knives.

Together, Kim and her husband Nelson Campbell run PlantPure Nation, where they provide support and resources to help people experience the benefits of a whole food, plant-based lifestyle.

In December 2022, Kim released her latest cookbook, PlantPure Comfort Food, which features over 100 plant-based and mostly gluten-free recipes from cultures and ethnicities across the globe.

These family meals pack the flavor without all of the oils you often see in the traditional recipes and this book proves that the possibilities for healthy, delicious plant-based eating are endless and know no cultural bounds!

It’s always a delight to speak with someone who is so aligned with similar values as Kim Nelson and the entire Campbell family, so enjoy this conversation


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19 thoughts on “Kim Campbell – Pure Comfort – Exploring the Delicious World of Plant-Based Comfort Food”
  1. We just bought the PlantPure Comfort Food book last week! We made the Sweet and Sour Soy curls last night. It was so easy and it's YUMMY!!

  2. the only way to become an eggplant fan is to make a traditional eggplant salad: grill eggplant on open flame or on barbecue coal until its skin is charred (burned), let it cool, drain very well, peel all skin. Then chop or blend with a bit of salt (and oil if you wish), serve on bread slices with a bit of chopped onion on top. That will make even RIP a fan! Recipe from Romania – but probably common in most balcanic cuisine

  3. Kim's Lasagna Stew is a family favorite in our house. Made dozens of times. I sub chickpea pasta shells for the lasagna noodles. Love a one-pot meal! Super interview…thanks.

  4. Darn it all Rip. I just bought your Mom’s and sister’s book for my wife. Then I bought Kiki Nelson’s new book the other day. Happy with both but then you had to have Kim on!
    So sure enough I ordered her book too. Thanks for sharing these all and Amazon thanks you too!😎

  5. Remarkable interviewing choices over the last several months. All of them involve informative and practical applications. That said, I've been on this plant based diet for over 10 years and still miss olive oil. According to the latest research, all oils are inflammatory except for Olive oil. Wondering if new information would make exceptions to some degree, perhaps just small amounts. Science is a constant evolving process and so research, even for the purest, needs to take into account the latest evidence.

  6. Soy curls may be non GMO, but aren’t classified as organic. Being that soy is one of the crops with most pesticides, I’m not convinced they are safe.

  7. Dr. Fuhrman convinced me that I needed Mushrooms… And those Brothers, Derek and Chad really pushed me over the edge….
    Now I'm a shrooms head….
    If you can find Chicken of the Woods, you will love it…. Such a delicious shroom.
    Go to the woods and look for the bright orange/yellow… Very easy to identify.

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