Together we can change the way the world eats. Let’s create a world where people spend more money buying from local farms, small businesses and artisans, and less on the big businesses and corporations that currently dominate our food system.

With more than 60,000 customers and 250 farmers and producers across the country, we’ve got momentum in revolutionizing the way people access food. And together, we are on the brink of taking this to the next level.

Harvie’s vision is 5 million households connecting with farmers and producers on our platform by 2030. If we can pull this off, it would give local farmers and producers the ability to really compete with the big guys that currently rule the grocery market.

To kick this whole thing up a notch, Harvie has launched a campaign with Honeycomb Credit to give you all a way to invest a more resilient food system for us all. This is a movement built by the community, for the community, so it felt right to give the community a way to invest in the business, rather than ask for donations to take this work to the next level. It’s an easy way for people to diversify their portfolios by investing in small, local businesses. Learn more here.

With your help, we can make big things happen. Together let’s design a world where you can easily access food from people you know, where small farms and businesses rule, and where local economies and food systems thrive.

Join the revolution here: Harvie.mx/GROW


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