Johnson's Baby care kit vs Himalaya baby care kit

Himalaya baby care and Johnson’s Baby care kit Shop now Amazon.


25 thoughts on “Johnson's Baby care kit vs Himalaya baby care kit

  1. I liked the Johnson's gift pack better. I found the products were very mild and gentle on the baby skin. The shapes of the bottles are such that they are also easy to handle . The fragrance of the product is very mild and soothing. The baby skin feels nourished and stays so for longer time. I loved the Johnson's products. what i liked about this pack is it has a cute t-shirt and a comb too πŸ™‚ how cute πŸ™‚

  2. I am a satisfied and happy Johnson's mom since my daughter was born. Be it lotion, cream, head to toe baby wash,massage oil, baby wipes,powder. I use them all ,they keep my daughter's skin moisturised and soft. All the products are clinically proven mild from day one and are free from any dyes and sulfates, they maintain the pH balance of the skin which is required for kids. Recently I gave the New Johnson's gift pack to my new born nephew and his mom is happy too.

  3. Personally I love the Johnson's baby care kit. The products are awesome and the kit is a perfect gift for every new mother. Now there is a specially crafted comb also in the kit.Recently I gifted it to a friend on her baby shower and she loved it.

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