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Jergens Natural Glow (Face & Body) Review + BEFORE & AFTER!

I wore Jergens Natural Glow gradual self tanner (face and body) for a week. Here are my thoughts and before & after.

Jergens Natural Glow Body (Medium to Tan) | Amazon

Jergens Natural Glow Face SPF20 (Medium to Tan) | Amazon

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47 thoughts on “Jergens Natural Glow (Face & Body) Review + BEFORE & AFTER!

  1. I can’t use these self tanners anymore. Either I’m applying it on wrong or it just isn’t for me. It makes my skin orange and my face looks more oily/ greasy and my face looks sickly. It comes out really orange on my hands and but on my body I do like the color. Maybe if I had more patience for it would come out better but I don’t lol.

  2. I know this is an old video but I'm glad I just found this! Since, with the quarantine, I probably won't be seeing a whole lot of the sun, I thought I would find a decent self-tanner to make me look a little less ghostly. I've been using this for a few days and already notice a difference! I like that it's gradual so it's far less of a shock to the system.

  3. This is old BUT I do have to say the really good part about this is you don’t have to worry about “showering off your fake tan” considering this is applied after you shower! I also love it because you can tan in the sun and all it does is enhance your tan! 💗

  4. I am 28 years old and never have done any fake tanning before but I would love to learn. How often should you exfoliate after doing these self tans? Also I spend a lot of time at the pool so I’m getting the natural sun as well. Trying to figure out if you should exfoliate because the dead skin the sun can cause but might not want to rub off the self tanner and then start looking all spotted. Lol help please!

  5. (This May be a stupid question , haha sorry I’m very new to tanning) if I use this on my body and arms/legs (since you said it’s not THAT dark) will it look awful if I don’t door my face?

  6. Does this discolor the palms of your hands if you dont wear gloves when applying. I've used some that left me with orange palms making it look like I got into a fight with a bag of cheetos that wont wash off. 😂😂🤣🤣

  7. I have the body lotion one an I use it on my legs cause there’s no good spots to tan in the city an for me after 8 hours I will see a result but after 2 days or so it fades out

  8. Don’t mind admitting I’m one of the 👎🏻. What ever happened to a picture is worth a thousand words? In this case a picture would have been much better than a trillion words! If you’re going to review self tanners, than SHOW it!

  9. It’s just using chemicals to stain you so it’s just gonna turn you orange.. you need to apply it then go outside in the sunlight with your shirt off and legs exposed and hair out of the way for at least 10 minutes (googled it)

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  11. My husband thought my lotion was regular so he used it to jack off. By the time he noticed it was a tanning lotion his joystick and hands were a deep bronze LMFAO

  12. I tried incredibly hard to watch the whole video but couldn't even get through half. Sorry hun but you were just rambling and repeating the same things over again. Your skin does look very nice.

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