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Japan's Creative Stress-Relief Techniques

Stress Relief (2003): We are living through the most stressful time in recent memory. However, fear not — the Japanese have come up with some novel ways to help us relax.

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One man has acupuncture needles fired from a blowpipe into his backside. “I once hit a man’s anus,” boasts the healer. “It cured his haemorrhoids.” Computer games where punters can attack a life-size replica of their boss’ backside clutter arcades. An irreverent look at ways to wind down.

ABC Australia – Ref. 1517

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31 thoughts on “Japan's Creative Stress-Relief Techniques

  1. He's in Japan! What better a place to get stress release, it's easy

    Step 1) Go to a bar
    Step 2) Work your Gaijin charm on the local skirts
    Step 3) Book your room at the love hotel 😉


  2. damn , he couldnt land anything on that guy. And his face looks like he takes 1000 shots everyday. If I were trained in boxing for 2 yrs Id love to try that (as the dummy)

  3. or you can relieve stress the japanese way by going to an izakaya for 飲み放題(all you can drink) trust me go to an izakaya and you will see plenty of salary men and students drowning their stresses for a few thousand yen.

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