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Is it possible to get pregnant if I have unprotected sex a day after my period?

If you’re trying to get pregnant or trying to avoid getting pregnant you should be tracking your cycles. Most women have cycles that usually go for about 25-35 days, meaning from the start of one period to the start of the next it would be 25-35 days. Most women tend to ovulate 14 days before they start their period. Let’s just say your cycle was 28 days long, on average. You’d probably be ovulating on about day 14. That means that your body is releasing an egg that can be fertilized by sperm. Sperm lives for about two to three days inside a female. The egg takes a little bit of time to travel through your body so if you’re trying, again, trying to get pregnant or not get pregnant you either need to avoid or try to have sex during the most fertile time. The most fertile time would be about three days before and three days after ovulation. If you had unprotected sex the day after your period started chances are you weren’t ovulating, especially if you were still bleeding at that point. But whenever you’re having unprotected sex there is always a chance because you never quite know for sure when you’re ovulating. So take the proper measures if you’re trying not to get pregnant by using forms of contraception if it’s not your desire to get pregnant. Also make sure you’re taking a prenatal vitamin and if you’re ever in doubt or suspect that you’re pregnant the best way to know for sure is by taking a test. The over-the-counter tests are actually pretty sensitive and you can usually know about a week after your period was missed if you’re pregnant or not. Early signs of pregnancy usually tend to show up about the same time when over-the-counter tests would work, like around five to six weeks or about a week or two after you’ve missed your period. So some women start to feel nauseated and vomit around that time. They feel like they have to pee a lot because the little growing uterus is starting to put pressure on the bladder. And you may also notice that your breasts are more tender. Again, if you ever suspect that you’re pregnant just take a test and if you’re still unsure past that especially if you have irregular periods, make sure to call your OB/GYN provider and make an appointment. They can see you and perform a more sensitive blood test or an ultrasound and decide how far along you are. If you have any other questions for me feel free to ask them on our Facebook page and recommend us to your friends and family too.


45 thoughts on “Is it possible to get pregnant if I have unprotected sex a day after my period?

  1. please help me !!
    i and my partner had unprotected sex several times .
    but 5 days ago i felt like i unfortunately injected sperm !!
    but she cleared me by many ways that the was no injected sperm ..
    now she has her period date and she has that regular pain of period but the period is not coming. ..! is she pregent. .?
    do rply me please

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  4. Hi nurse dani my periods are irregular sometimes its comes at 28 days sometime 38 days and some times 32 days me and my husband trying to conscive baby for last 7 months pls help and tell me when i m ovalating and what should i do to get pregnant

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  6. Is it possible to get pregnant with baby boy after ovulution
    My cycle is of 30 days
    I hv sex at 19th day n after
    Now i m pregnant..
    M i pregnant with boy or girl
    Pl reply

  7. Hii My self Anam and I just want to ask that I had my last period in April last and Had sex in May starting during the ovulation date So now I m pregnant but I don't know how much week I m pregnant how can I know that

  8. I had unprotected sex before my period and i'm 4 days delayed now . I am regular and my ovulation day is 4-5 days after my expected period.
    I do the test just now and it's show negative

  9. Hi I have a question plz help me out I had a unprotected sex during 1st of my period when I was bleeding can I get pregnant? And if yes then how can I diagnose and get rid of it… I'm married and I'm not ready yet for baby… Help me….

  10. Well my partner and i had sex but i was on my period and he didn’t released he’s semen on me so could happen to me are theire any chances something might happen..??? If u guys know something please reply to me ,Cause I’m really worried ,because when we had sex I didn’t know that i had period

  11. Hi l am a teenage girl actually l had sex on my periods so l am scared if l become pregnant and will l please telk me .Dont mind the user name it is just my fathers phone.

  12. I had unprotected sex last month 2 times & had emergency contraceptive pills both the times now it is 34 days from my 1st period I didn't got my periods ,what should I do??? PLZZ answer

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  14. Last week on Tuesday I had sexual l with my girlfriend. Seven days later she starting bleeding spotting and two days later starting to be a little bit more she said that her pre-came up early. Can she still get pregnant after her period ‘ please I need help!

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