Is Cranberry Juice Good Idea for Passing a Drug Test


pass a drug test with cranberry juice


Is Cranberry Juice Good Idea for Passing a Drug Test


As the market for many substances, like medical marijuana or some performance enhancers, is still unregulated, these products are still marked as illegal. Most employers screen their employees for drug use without even having a medical purpose of these substances on their minds. So if you take any of these, you must have options if your company announces drug testing.

Information on the importance of regular drug testing find out below:

There are many methods for passing a drug test in the workplace that doesn’t need cleansing kits or expensive products that happens to be failures. Did you know that some fruits can feel you get a negative result? Things like cranberries have high contents of antioxidants. These happen to remove unwanted particles from all body fluids.

If you are wondering if cranberries can eliminate other particles, the answer can be both yes and no. There is still no scientific evidence about eliminating drug particles from the body. Most claims about this method’s success are anecdotal. But that can’t negate the excellent detox properties that cranberry juice has. If used daily, it can flush unwanted substances out of the body.


Does It Really Work?

There are many reasons to mark cranberries as a superfood. It’s a potent natural antioxidant that prevents bacteria and toxins’ adhesion to the mucous membranes in the body. Its beneficial effect on the urinary tract is outstanding, especially in people prone to kidney or bladder infections.

Thanks to bioflavonoids, regular intake of fresh cranberry juice not only cleanses the body but prevents many diseases. Due to its pleasantly sour taste, it is a great refreshment. It’s especially recommended for people exposed to stress or suffer any heart and blood vessel condition.

Antibiotics are known to kill pathogenic bacteria present in the urine. Regular intake of this healthy berry can prevent inflammation and chronic pain due to a urinary tract infection. But can this drink flush out particles of certain substances that a drug test labels as illegal?


How to Use Cranberry Juice

Many health experts suggest cranberry juice for general body detox. This liquid is used depending on the concentration, from a few spoons to a few decilitres per day. To flush toxins from the kidneys, intestines, and lymphatic system, it’s best to use juice diluted with water in a ratio of 1:1.

When using a cranberry juice mixture, you have to add electrolytes and vitamin B complexes to it. That’s how you make the urine sample to be toxicologically correct. If you didn’t do that, after about ten days of consumption, the urine sample would be negative for the presence of drugs, but it would be too diluted. That may cast doubt on the test accuracy. See here how diluted samples are detected.


Store-Bought or Home-Made


cranberry juice helps to pass a drug test


Most store-bought juices have large amounts of sugar and a small percentage of actual cranberry concentrate. So whenever you can, it’s recommended to use freshly squeezed juices. There is no specific juice amount that can harm you, but to not overload your kidneys, limit yourself to 2 liters a day. Also, drink other fluids – water, coffee, green tea, and anything that acts as a detox.


When Cranberry Juice Is Not a Good Idea

If you take foods and drinks with large amounts of antioxidants, you shouldn’t have any problems passing any illicit substance testing. But you must take these detox agents every day for a while. The best way is to eat or drink cranberry juice on an empty stomach for at least two weeks before testing.


Cranberry juice is known for its properties that make it great at cleaning out your digestive tract. It’s a good detox drink if you have time before the announced test. But if the testing will be on the next day, there’s not enough time for antioxidants to cleanse your body. As explained in article, you have to reach for some other method.


Drug tests are a practice that is common in most companies. Refraining from anything that can give a positive result is a safe way to go. Still, if you are already using some substances, you don’t have to worry. It is possible to pass illicit substance testing with natural foods or some popular commercial detox kits.

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