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Hey, this weekend I went to a Honey Beekeeping Shop where I can get original organic honey directly from the BeeHive… So I interviewed the person for you and noted all the details about the business. Therefore, here in this article Iam going to discuss about the profit, investment, cost and deal about how to start your own beekeeping business as a part time business.

ssss…. It was interesting to visit the shop! Because this was the first time Iam going to a Beekeeping Shop. Iam going to see the BeeHive that very close and eat a part of it…

Wow… Tasty it was!!!

Let me to share my interview details with all the sweet memories…

Investment and Requirements to start this business:

If you are starting this business as a part-time from your home, then your terrace or some space in the ground to keep the boxes will be enough…

If you start this as a Beekeeping shop, then it is better you find a place for the beekeeping box where there will be less human interruption… It may be a terrace or a seperate room with big open windows…

Your rental space will cost you around 1 lakh Rs of investment and 6000 Rs as rent….

And therefore,

Beekeeping Box Price: 2200Rs/1box

Hand Lever Honey Extracting Machine: 1500Rs/Machine.

You require atleast a stockfull of honey and other materials like gloves, protective caps, jackets : 10000 Rs

One small shelf to show your products: 15000 Rs.

So in total to start this as a business in a commercial area… you will require atleast 1.5lakh Rs.

If you start this business in your home terrace… then you need only 5000 Rs – 10000 Rs only.

Profit of this business

1 litre of organic honey mrp rate is 600 Rs.

But for you to produce that honey you don’t require any manufacturing cost… just the maintenance and space is needed.

Therefore, approximately your profit will be 90 to 95%.

10% reduction will be for packaging cost and other miscellaneous costs.

ie, you will gain 550 Rs as a profit for each litre of a honey sale.

If you can sell 1 litre honey per day, you will get 550Rs per day and for a month it will be 16500Rs.

Organic Honey Marketing Potential

Marketing is the toughest part of any business…

But for organic honey it is not the case… people are nowadays aware of the importance organic commodities. People are giving more importance for the natural products than ever before…

So, this is the right time for you to start this business and spread your organic honey accross your area and to sorrounding people.

Online presence of any business is also very much important these days. And therefore, place your own registered company organic honey online portals like amazon, flipkart, facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc…

Best Part Time Business Idea for college students and housewives

This is one of the rarest business idea, that have so much leverage for a person who wants to do business from their own home…

Anybody, who wishes to start this business can start without any prior experience… Because you will having a small training on how to handle the bees from the beekeeping shop.

It will be very usefull to improve yours and your family members health drastically in the daily consumption of honey…

And therefore, I recommend this business for you to start immediately and explore the world a bit more…

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