With all the things you need to buy for baby, is purchasing a dry bag for breast pump parts a waste of money or a good idea? That all depends on whether the bag is actually made in a way to promote healthy drying of your pump parts so we will look at the most common questions moms ask about breast pump parts bags.

Can I use a Ziplock bag?

You should use a sealed plastic zipper bag for your wet breast pump parts.  Besides the environmental concerns of over-use of these bags, the main reason is that moisture and warmth promote the growth of yeast and mold and that is certainly not what you want for parts that are collecting your baby’s precious breastmilk. So to answer another common question, do breast pump parts need to be dry?  As you can see from the previous topic of yeast and mold…yes!

What about wet dry bags?

Wet dry bag were designed to put in wet clothing such as your baby’s soiled clothes or a swimsuit and keep the rest of the items in your bag dry.  Although you see them marketed as “breast pump  parts bags”, they are not any healthier than Ziplock bags as shown below where one brand is obviously growing mold. In my option, while the cute prints of these wet dry bags are enticing, they are a complete waste of money if you are using them for breast pump parts rather than soiled baby clothes.

What should I use?

Bags that have a small weave, but are fully breathable are best for air drying breast pump parts.  We love this one by Breastmilk Bandit.  The Breastmilk Bandit Store and Dry Bag is made with fine breathable mesh, a durable zipper and even a hang-dry loop so breast pump parts dry even faster.  If you are are trying to get Medela tubing dry, the hang-dry method is optimal.   Attaching tubing to your pump and letting it run may work, but it wears out your pump faster and it is much less expensive to replace tubing than the breast pump.

Pumpin’ Pal Air Dry Bag is also breathable and safe at about $1 less, but it has a draw string instead of the more secure zipper closure that Breastmilk Bandit’s bag offers. Air dry bags such as the one from Breastmilk Bandit are less expensive that wet dry bags like the one from Sarah Wells and are a much healthier way to store and dry your breast pump parts.

Here is to safe drying!



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