Iran ITMC made Smart solar water dispenser agriculture device دستگاه خورشيدي هوشمند آبياري كشاورزي

October 24, 2019 (Persian calendar 1398/8/2)

Iran Telecommunication Manufacturing Company (ITMC كارخانجات مخابرات ايران) official website

Fars province (استان فارس)

Shiraz county (شهرستان شيراز)

Shiraz city (شهر شيراز)

Iran Telecommunication Manufacturing Company was established as a private corporation in Shiraz on January 31, 1967 in a land with an area of 100,000 sq/m as the first and the greatest Manufacturer of fixed and mobile phones of Iran by the participation of Ministry of Post,
Telegraph and Telephone (Telecommunication and Information Technology) for 30% shares, Industrial Development Bank for 30% shares and Siemens Company, Germany for 40% shares to manufacture necessary equipment for national telecommunication network and with registered capacity of 45000 EMD phone lines per year and 60000 telephone handsets and exploited in 1969.

After victory of Islamic Revolution of Iran, as capital raised, share of ministry of post, telegraph and telephone (telecommunication and information technology) changed to 45%, Industry and mine bank (prior name: Industrial Development Bank) to 35% and Siemens Company, Germany to 20% and this company could manufacture 200000 phone lines and 300000 telephone handsets per year.

By Augest 18, 2003 the company converted into public joint stock and included to sub forum rates list of Tehran Stock Exchange with “LEKMA” logo on Oct.05, 2004. Besides manufacturing software and hardware of high capacity fixed and mobile phones switching centers based on ITMC/EWSD, ITMC/NEAX,ITMC/ S 12, ITMC/ MSC systems,
Iran telecommunication manufacturing Company is manufactured switched-mode power supplies, rock telecommunication, emergency mobile phone centers with portable telescopic masts (BTS), types of telephone headsets and mobile phones, types of telecommunication terminals and types of pulse-code modulation (PCM),and collaborated with other companies in relation with manufacturing kinds of frames.

Similarly, in consideration with the process of changing national telecom markets in recent years, exiting single-product markets and using all company’s capacities was the company’s strategy. Thus, it is emphasized on login to manufacturing markets of steel industries,military industries, etc. Establishing regional offices, for instance in Mashhad, Tabriz, etc.
and technical support of thousands approved manufacturing telephone centers, maintenance of national infrastructure networks and acquisition of superior contractor in this area is another case that has been seriously considered by company’s management during recent years. In research and development district (R & D), based on self-reliance strategic industrial policy, since 2009, besides fundamental reconsideration in structure of this district,it has cooperated with universities and valid national research centers.

Among the most projects fulfilled in this unit, design of ITMX center, nutrition resources, types of telephone handsets, hematology and radiology devices, low-capacity mobile centers and intelligent irrigation system can be noted that most of them have been reached to production stage. Considering clients’ demands, customer orientation and customer focus were goals of this company.

In this direction, using advanced systems and continuous improvement method as well as streaming and obtaining quality management system certificate based on standards of ISO 9001, version 2008, this company is succeeded to increase the quality of productions. Environmental preservation against pollution was the interest of this company, thus with effort and continuous pursuing in framework of environmental management system of ISO 14001, version 2004, the company succeeded to obtain the said certificate.

Whereas, in each organization, human resources are the most principle investments, the company tries to make good conditions for more occupational safety and health for respectful staff and acquisition of occupational safety and health management System certificate of OHSAS 18001.

Iran ITMC made Smart solar water dispenser agriculture device, Connects to smart phone, Shiraz county
دستگاه خورشيدي هوشمند آبياري كشاورزي متصل به تلفن همراه هوشمند شهرستان شيراز ايران

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