Ipulse can cure & control 26 types of diseases related to blood. This is a juice not a medicine. It’s a natural product.
Ingridients; Acai Berry, Kiwi Fruit🥝,Orange 🍊, Pomegranate, Banana 🍌, Pears🍐, Blue Berry, Mul Berry, Blackberry, Apple🍎, Cherry 🍒, Grapes 🍇, Pine Apple🍍, Concord Grapes, Strawberry 🍓.


👉I Pulse Kills Cancer Cells.
👉Protect Cells
👉 Scavangers for Free radicals.
👉Bulids Proteins.
👉Restores Antioxidant Number.
👉Helps to Risk of Cancer.
👉Helps Prostate.
👉Helps Digestion.
👉Fights Bacteria.
👉Relives Inflammation.
👉Fights Cellular Mutation.
👉Fights Viruses.
👉Stregenths Vision.
👉Stregenths the Heart.
👉Stregenths Memory.
👉Stregenths Cell Membrane.
👉Stregenths Nervous System.
👉Stregenths Mental Clarity .
👉Enhances Cellular Mutation.
👉Impesdes NRS Free Radicals.
👉Provides Essential Oils.
👉Combats Effects of Diabetes.
👉Stabilizes Proper Ingredients.
👉Host of Benefits.

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