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Spring’s here, and so are four new Finger Foods on the Nurture Life baby and toddler menu! As always, these little jars serve up a whole lot of flavor (specially chosen for a baby’s newly developing palate!), along with essential nutrients for this critical developmental stage. Our Finger Foods are soft, mushable and well sized for palming, grabbing, grasping and gumming.

Whether you’re working through baby-led weaning or are transitioning out of baby food purees, our newest Finger Foods are a great way to start or continue your baby’s self-feeding journey.

Chicken & Veggie Stew

finger foods for babies & toddlers | Chicken & Veggie Stew | Nurture Life

This dairy-free stew makes for a delightful meal at any time of year! It brings that warm, comforting vibe right to your baby’s high chair tray without all the mess (or silverware!) involved with a typical bowl of stew. Bites of chicken are tossed with organic peas, potatoes and carrots and lightly seasoned to capture that timeless stew flavor.

Shepherd’s Pie

finger foods for babies & toddlers | Shepherd's Pie | Nurture Life

Based on the classic English comfort food, our Shepherd’s Pie features bites of antibiotic-free beef meatloaf layered with cubes of cooked-till-tender potatoes. These hearty ingredients are balanced out by a fiber-rich medley of organic peas, carrots and corn tossed in a delicious au jus sauce to complement the beef’s savory flavor.

These last three veggies aren’t just nutritious, either! They’re perfect for helping your little one master the pincer grasp, and their naturally sweet flavor and vibrant colors make them a favorite among babies learning to self-feed.

Fiesta Chicken, Black Bean & Corn

finger foods for babies & toddlers | Fiesta Chicken, Black Bean & Corn| Nurture Life

Soft-cooked organic black beans, naturally sweet corn and perfectly sized chicken bites come together to create a delicious and colorful mealtime fiesta! We’ve gently seasoned the chicken with southwest-style spices, roasted garlic and zesty lime to give your baby an introduction to a world of new flavors.

Chicken, Broccoli & Potato Medley

finger foods for babies & toddlers | Chicken, Broccoli & potato Medley | Nurture Life

This colorful little jar is a deliciously roasted delight! Roasted chicken, roasted Yukon gold potatoes and roasted sweet potatoes are layered with chopped broccoli bits to create a visually appealing and nutrient-rich meal for your baby. 

Is your little one new to the exciting world of self-feeding? Then check out some of our parent tips to help smooth your baby’s transition to happy, healthy and independent self-feeding:

Explore our Finger Food menu here to see what other meals we have to offer. If you have any questions about our newest Finger Foods or our healthy kids meals in general, feel free to send us a message at support@nurturelife.com

finger foods for babies & toddlers | Nurture Life

Imaide Steverango

As a Research and Development Chef at Nurture Life, Imaide is in charge of developing nutritionally dense, culturally diverse meals for babies, toddlers and kids. Her goal is to create delicious meals that balance protein, veggies and complex carbs in dishes that celebrate flavors and ingredients that might not otherwise be introduced into the home. She loves the challenge of making veggies more kid-friendly, especially when she finds a way to showcase them at the forefront of a meal. With a Bachelor’s degree in culinary nutrition and a concentration in clinical dietetics, Imaide brings a balance of culinary expertise and nutrition knowledge. In her previous position as Executive Chef and Food Service Director at a childcare center, she was in charge of feeding children from 6 months to 6 years old. This allowed her to gain a strong understanding of what flavors, textures and ingredients kids love. Imaide’s passion for food is rooted in its power to bring people together—food lets children learn about diversity and how what we eat can help us accept each other’s differences.


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