Midwives make our world a better place. Not only for birthing people, but for families, for babies, for children, for grandparents, and for communities. Midwifery care is rooted in relationship – in the acknowledgment that both parent and provider can offer wisdom and experience to each other. Midwives bring years of knowledge to each birth they attend while also recognizing that the birthing person knows their body better than anyone in the world.

Midwives don’t just deliver babies at home. You can find them at hospitals, in operating rooms, in low-cost clinics, in birth centers, in office buildings. They serve birthing people during pregnancy, but they serve people who don’t want to have children…or had their babies years ago.

They are patient, resilient, brave, gentle. They’re not afraid to get dirty, to forgo sleep, to walk that fine line that birth often demands….

We are so honored to know them, photograph them, and celebrate them. Now, more than ever, we’re thankful for you!


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