Midwives sit with us, weep with us, breathe with us, cry with us. Midwives work in hospitals, in birth centers, in homes (and sometimes even outside or in RVs). They walk with us as we grow life and birth life. But they also walk with us before, after, and in those sometimes painful years of waiting. They remind us that we’re capable and that we’re stronger than we know. Midwives know how to step back…and when to step in. They know how to place an IV and they also know which essential oil might give a tired mother a little boost of energy.

They know birth. They respect birth….and they remember that at the end of the day…it is OUR birth story, not their own.

Midwives are worth celebration every year, but especially this year. We need their gentle guidance, their capable hands, and their wisdom now more than ever. Happy International Day of the Midwife. We are so grateful for you.


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