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We have designed this article according to the Ancient Chinese Fangzhongshu (sexual skills and methods) intercourse positions. These positions may be helpful when you have premature ejaculation and/or the erection is soft.

 The article aims at controlling early ejaculation using nonmedical therapies of ancient Chinese skills and methods of intercourse, also called ancient Fangzhongshu.

Intercourse Positions to combat PE & ED

 The one intercourse position that has drawn all my attention is the flying seagull intercourse position. This intercourse position seems to be the ideal sex position for men having early ejection, some kind of ejaculatory disorder, or having a soft erection. Let us begin with other intercourse positions or techniques that will help you delay the ejaculation.

 The therapies for PE including the ancient Chinese  Fangzhongshu are analyzed. Its scientific aspects can improve reproductive health. The treatment methods can help individuals affected by PE.

 Fangzhongshu is an ancient Chinese therapy of great value and should be studied and applied as a technique for Premature ejaculation. Although PE is quite prevalent worldwide, as high as 20% to 30%, only a few seek medical help.

There are 3 primary methods of treating PE include nonmedical therapy that includes behavioral therapy and psychotherapy, clinical therapy that includes pharmacology and surgery, and combination therapy that includes both. Nonmedical therapy is safe and effective.

Definition of PE

The International Society of Sexual Medicine defined premature ejaculation as ejaculation that occurs in less than a minute of vaginal penetration, a significant reduction in ejaculatory latency, within 3 minutes or fewer, inability to delay ejaculation after vaginal penetrations, emotional and psychological consequences as distress, frustration, avoidance of sex.

Behavioral therapy and psychotherapy       

 Behavioral therapy includes the stop-start and Masters and Johnson squeeze technique. These methods gradually lead to building sexual confidence and self-esteem. These short-term benefits of behavioral therapy reported a success rate between 45%-65%.

involves psychological interventions to help men develop skills to delay

Nonmedical therapies of ancient

Diverting your attention during intercourse just before ejaculation

Yufangzhiyao is a method to delay ejaculation by doing some activities when he is about to ejaculate. He can his head immediately, open his eyes, look around, and shrinking the lower abdomen belly. Moreover, He can hold breath when the sperm appears to fluctuate.

Yulingyanfang states the penis will be firm. It will help you last longer during intercourse if you hold a pill of tianwanbuxin dan, a compound used in Chinese medicine, a type of tranquilizer, in the right hand. You need to hold this pill with all your seriousness and intent. You need to put your heart and soul into it during the intercourse session.

Control Mental Excitement to control PE

Mental anxiety and stress can increase sexual arousal increases rapidly and speeds up the ejaculation time as premature ejaculation.

Combining these two methods, the behavioral gestures and the holding of the pill can prolong sexual intercourse by controlling ejaculation. These techniques will divert your attention from intercourse to other behavioral aspect and the pill help in your palm.  

This is called the “idea shifting” technique or diverting attention. This eases the stress by visually sifting your attention, raising your head, opening your eyes, and looking around, and clenching a pill in the palm.

Acupuncture Point and Tranquilizing Effect

Moreover, tianwangbuxin dan is a kind of tranquilizer and by clenching it in your palm. It can stimulate PC8, a type of acupuncture point. It belongs to the hand, has the function of sedation. This reduces the anxiety and stress which are the causes of early discharge in men.

Suppressing lower abdomen to raising ejaculation threshold

Increased penile sensitivity and a reduced ejaculation threshold reduce the ejaculatory latency, causing premature ejaculation. Pressing the lower abdomen raises the ejaculation threshold helping in treating premature ejaculation.

Interruptions during intercourse just before feeling the ejaculation urge

The Sheshengzongyao suggests you need to eject the penis when the patient feels the urge to ejaculate. This helps to control your mind’s excitement. After removing the penis, you need to breathe deeply to suppress the ejaculation tendency. Avoid doing any action at the moment. Don’t worry about the penile erection as it will restore after some time, and you can start the sexual intercourse.

Ejaculation will stop if you remove the penis. This interrupts the momentum of the sexual desire. Eject the penis slowly, without hurry or panting.

Take some rest after penis ejection and breaking the momentum of the intercourse. You can keep stimulation with your partner during the rest. Once the erection is restored, you can resume sexual activity.

You can eject the whole or half of the penis quickly when you feel the urge to ejaculate, but try not to do it in a hurry as it may hurt you or your partner.

The act of interrupting ejaculation can reduce excitement in the nervous system and help you achieve a therapeutic effect for premature ejaculation.

The first method interrupts the intercourse momentum by removing the penis immediately when an imminent ejaculation urge is felt.

Contracting of Anus & Breathing in deep

Another technique is to press the front of the anus in the perineum and breathe deeply to divert your mind and suppress excitement. The method involves repeating the suppression of sexual excitement by interrupting, breathing in, and by contracting the anus.

Take rest by breaking the momentum of
intercourse and ejaculation

The second method is intentionally suspending or discontinuing intercourse. Taking rest in between the act of intercourse helps calm down and restore energy before resuming the sexual intercourse. You can remove the entire penis or half of the penis if you feel the urge to ejaculate quickly at the start.  

Intercourse positions–Flying Seagull

Here comes the much-awaited and Dongxuanzi introduced method of “flying seagull sex”. This involves a posture where the man stands by the bed. He raises the feet of his woman and penetrates the penis inside the vagina. This posture is called a flying seagull until you raise the woman’s legs outward that resembles a flying seagull.

you change your sexual or body posture, you can experience a therapeutic effect
that will help you in reducing impotence, ejaculatory disorder, and other sexual
disorder. It will improve the quality of your intercourse.

The standing position for men is comfortable and helps control ejaculation time. The natural physical strength of men in this position makes it easier to penetrate the vagina. This may help men reduce mental anxiety and stress of insertion. This increases the duration of intercourse and delays the urge to ejaculate.

This position makes it easier to stimulate the G-spot in a woman in the vaginal wall. This is approximately halfway between the pubic bone and the cervix. This position improves sexual satisfaction for both.


Fangzhongshu is a set of ancient sexual techniques based on Taoist thought. The key concepts of sexual harmony, foreplay before sex are important guiding principles of the treatment. Fangzhongshu can be included in modern clinical practice after critical analysis. Its scientific aspects should benefit individuals’ reproductive health. Fangzhongshu is only a summary of the experiences of individual experts and evaluated through the clinical observation of large samples. It needs further clinical and scientific study before it is advocated. 


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