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Innovations in Contraception: Understanding Your Birth Control Options

Birth control pill limitations have complicated the selection process for women and their doctors. For instance, birth control pills containing estrogen run the risk of causing blood clots and may not be as effective in women with higher BMI. Progestin-only birth control pills, on the other hand, are burdened by their irregular bleeding and strict 3-hour dosing window.

Slynd is a novel progestin-only birth control which has advantages that can dramatically improve the experience of taking a birth control pill for women. First, clinical studies showed that Slynd had no cases of blood clots, which makes it a much safer option than combined oral contraceptives. Also, Slynd offers patients a 24-hour dosing window vs. 3 hours with other progestin-only pills. Furthermore, Slynd can be used in many patient types from young adolescent women, to breastfeeding mothers, smokers or those with cardiovascular risk, women with high BMI, or women simply seeking less hormones.


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