We have so many reasons to be grateful for trees. Trees provide shade for our homes and windbreaks for our crops. We eat the fruits and nuts they bear and their wood provides paper, furniture, houses, and more. Trees filter toxins from the air and water, help prevent erosion, and generate the very air we breathe. And they are one of our simplest and best solutions to climate change: A single tree can capture about 13 pounds of carbon dioxide in its first year, and as much as 48 pounds of CO2 yearly once it’s matured.

If you’ve read a book, knocked on a wooden door, eaten an apple, or enjoyed a cup of coffee, you’ve experienced the bounty of trees. And if you’ve climbed a tree, hiked through a forest, relaxed in a tree’s shade, or hugged a tree, you probably already know how awesome trees are. The following infographic from Trees.com explains even more reasons why trees are awesome.

This Arbor Day, take a few moments to appreciate how much we get from trees. And if you are able, plant a tree or help someone else plant a tree.

Why Trees Are Awesome
Credit: Trees.com

Feature image courtesy of Free-Photos, Pixabay


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