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Ever see something that makes you wonder, “Is this real life?!

I was recently shopping with Steven at Hudson Yards in NYC. It’s a high end touristy mall on the West Side of midtown Manhattan that attracts visitors, locals and — with shops like Rolex, Dior and Louis Vuitton — those who prefer the finer things in life.

We love to go and just people watch and window “shop.” But that afternoon, we were there actually to pick up a gift for my nieces from one of their children’s stores.

I always gravitate towards books for kids, because…readers are leaders! hahah Just kidding, but I do value the importance of education, and the precious time spent together when parents read to their kids.

Anywho, I was browsing their selection of books, looking for anything “New Yorky,” when I stumbled upon a section of…shall we say, eye opening…books.

I had to do a double take when I saw the titles, “Feminist Baby” and “Little Feminist.”

I was taken aback. This is a joke, right? Like, we’re not really slinging feminist propaganda at children, are we?

Then, of course, I looked to my right and saw lapel pins of Dr. Fauci’s face for sale and remembered…oh yes…this is America, and I’m living in the Bluest Blue state of them all.


But those books haunted me for the rest of the day.

What are we teaching our kids? What harm does that do to a little girl to tell her from the jump that she should believe that, by being a girl, she should expect to have to overcome her voice being silenced by society?

I mean – not only is that notion absolutely false, but what kind of warped perception of reality is that instilling in our impressionable young girls?

Of course, I am all for championing confidence and power and self-assuredness in our young girls – that goes without saying. Women can do whatever we set our minds to! We are powerful, strong, independent, beautiful and smart!

But why do we have to frame those truths through the filter of being a “feminist?” Why do we have to accentuate the differences between men and women at all? And why do we have to frame the conversation in an “us vs. them” mentality from the beginning?

This whole, “I am woman, hear me roar! Down with the patriarchy!” mentality just doesn’t need to be pitched to little girls.

That’s not the story I want to paint to my future daughters, God willing.

Which leads me to the question: What *should* we be teaching our young girls?

One day, I hope to be a mom, if that’s what God has planned for me. And if I am so blessed to have a little girl, you can bet your bottom dollar that I want to bring her up with a good heart and a strong head on her shoulders.

And to be honest, it’s terrifying to think of bringing children into this broken world. Woke society is encouraging our kids to question their very identity, to see skin color as a defining quality, and to believe that systems are designed to oppress and hold back. I can’t imagine trying to navigate those tumultuous waters as a parent – or as a kid!

What will I want to teach my future little girl some day?

That she is loved.

That she is a precious, beautiful daughter of God, created on purpose, for a purpose.

Because you see, once you know and internalize that…all this feminist mumbojumbo falls into place.

I have always been a feminist, but not by society’s definition. Rather: God’s.

You can trace it all the way back to the creation of Eve: God took a bone from Adam’s rib — from his side, as an equal partner. Not from his head to dominate, not from his foot to be trampled on, but from his side. An equal.

When you know and embrace your position as the daughter of the King, that puts an inherent and undeniable value and dignity on your life. On your personhood: starting in the womb, and extending every minute until natural death and beyond. That daughter-ship is our very essence that allows us to excel in whatever we set our minds to, using our uniquely feminine qualities.

Those relational and receptive qualities that make up our feminine genius are different from and complimentary to a man’s, and yet equally important and necessary to the flourishing of our society. And equip us with special qualifications to excel on whatever path we take in life.

The irony, is that by teaching our young girls to be feminists and to expect to come up against glass ceilings and the patriarchy, we’re actually boxing them in and doing them a disservice.

We can teach our young girls to spread their wings and fly, without politicizing it, or shaping their world view in the process.

Clearly, I am not a parent. And I know that one’s idealistic fantasy of motherhood is never equivalent to the complexities of reality. So I would love to hear from you who ARE parents!

What was important to YOU to instill in your children? How did YOU navigate what the WORLD was trying to teach your child, vs. what YOU want to teach your child?

“This is what the Lord says to these bones: I will make breath enter you, and you will come to life.” Ez 37:5


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