Increasing Yields - 3 Easy Ways - How to Grow Weed From Home

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18 thoughts on “Increasing Yields – 3 Easy Ways – How to Grow Weed From Home”
  1. Hi insidehydro man I'm a first time grower we are allowed 4 plants in canada I want to know best light I can buy for my first time grow I am willing to order it online and get it shipped to me if need be I want plants to be short and bushy so I am willing to spend up to 600 dollars if I have to$ please let me know you seem to be the right person to ask thanks sean p pf canada ontario I hope u see this I will check back for an response if isee it in my notifications your reply 🎉🎉🎉😊

  2. Explain to me. How a dirt farmer from Afghanistan can grow 3 acers of the nicest Indica hash plants I've ever seen . I've done 2 tours and I've never seen anything like them in over 20 years ðŸĪ”

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