'Inappropriate': Johnny Depp attorney slams Amber Heard's lawyer over officer comment

Johnny Depp’s attorneys appeared to get very angry at Amber Heard’s lawyer for a comment she made after showing a photo showing what appeared to be a red mark on Amber Heard’s face after what she said was an attack by Depp. The lawyer was pointing out that the police officers who arrived on scene at the time of the incident and did not see any signs of abuse but this photo appears to show otherwise.

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46 thoughts on “'Inappropriate': Johnny Depp attorney slams Amber Heard's lawyer over officer comment

  1. My face was an instant black eye when I was hit by a phone! Completely swollen in a matter of minutes. I know people bruise differently but I just can't believe it.

  2. Dapat sir Jupiter alisin nyo un d related sa mga kwento nyo. D nman lahat gusto mkta. Un play list nyo sir pang takipsilim listener lng po thank you 🙏

  3. I have seen grown ass men with massive bruises and or hospitalized concussion ls from getting hit once and she claims to have been hit in the face more times than she can remember. And all she had was a little blush on her cheeks. Get real

  4. Depp's team should hire a medical expert to testify on what anatomical damage would have occurred should Heard have really been violated with a broken glass bottle. I'm certain she would have required medical attention due to hemorrhaging. A doctor's testimony would prove it.

  5. As Amber sits in the courtroom you can see the makeup under her right eye done with emphasis so the jury will notice. It is completely different from the way she looked previously in other days at her testimony. Very "well thought out" as she would have known these questions would be asked.I have no dog in this fight so we'll have to see it through – if we can be bothered, hopefully the truth will prevail.

  6. Why does her punched face look nothing like any of my faces after getting punch in the chops during countless rugby matches?

    My good gif I hope she gets hit with the judge bus 👌🏼 👋🏼

    “That is my face after [dramatic and traumatic sigh] phone incident.”

  7. So she's scared of him yet yells demeaning and belittling insults and laughs in his face regularly causing him to go to another house to try escape from her? Where she then FOLLOWS and doesn't let him leave and AGAIN belittles him for "running away".
    Oh yeah that's definitely the behaviour of a beaten spouse. 🤡 God she's horrible 😤

  8. I’m telling u shes nothing but a white peson that can’t get their way n mad when they get treated like the rest of us like how dare you treat me fair instead right= white n whomever believes her is just as stupid cause her mentality n thst kind of person got oj caught up

  9. I'm confused? Where are these horrible bruises and swelling and split lip??? All I see is a some light redness, could be blush….could be anger. Just looks like flushed skin. Does anyone remember (God forgive me) when the Chris Brown and Rihanna thing hit the papers….does anyone remember what her face looked like after the ACTUAL ABUSE she endured!!!??? You definitely did NOT need lighting, or a better angle, or to lean in to see it!!! That poor woman was ACTUALLY ABUSED!!! Amber you are despicable!!!!

  10. The evidence is pointing to her being the biggest liar. She never cared about him otherwise why would she have alerted TMZ and then prance around as an ambassador that survived DV.🤦🏽‍♀️

  11. That is not a bruise if Johnny had hit her with a phone there would be a lot of swelling and maybe cuts.
    This should be sorted out.
    Plus there is a lot of verbal diarorea
    being said, she keeps chopping and changing different sentences in the hope the jury will be confused.

  12. Now she is calling 4 officers that saw nothing on her face liars. Wow !! These officers are trained to spot hinges like this. And lying Amber is saying they don’t know the jobs they are trained for.

  13. We can clearly see that she retouched the sane photo bu lied to jury saying same photo take and same time and place but with different light source. But we can clearly see that All the hair strands are same position.

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