If You DO These 5 Things She Will Be Your Girlfriend (According To Science)

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28 thoughts on “If You DO These 5 Things She Will Be Your Girlfriend (According To Science)”
  1. Hey Jose , I see you as a big brother who teaches me to be a Man for my greater future. Love your clothing line , but I’ve been facing a problem to cop them from my country India as it gets sold out in a minutes, Hope one day I buy these elegant apparel soon 👍🏻👍🏻

  2. Don’t have the time and energy to do the analysis but I won’t be surprised if growth and viewership of this channel is sliding downward.. your original presentation style and content was something an ordinary person could relate to, but sorry to say this but now everything sounds like a sales pitch.. where is the originality bro? please bring it back.. if you lose viewership you won’t be able to sell anything either

  3. That guy Miguel, who is a virgin at 35, people are always going to have different opinions on this but I see nothing wrong with guys losing their virginity to an escort or sex worker, to each their own I guess, I think going too long without sex is damaging for one's mental and emotional health

  4. I'm sorry bro, but having too many loose t shirts is not good. You want a nice fitted t shirt that shows off your fit physique or makes you look fit while also being comfortable and not tight. I only saw loose boxy t shirts in your ad. Maybe you have other styles. Not sure but just wanted to throw this out there for others that don't know.

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