If White Rice is Linked to Diabetes, What About China?

Protein consumption can exacerbate the insulin spike from high glycemic foods.

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This one is a little twisty and might require a second watch or two. Instead of breaking this into multiple videos I tried to pack it all into one. Basically, the question is if the modern diabetes epidemic in China and Japan has been linked to white rice consumption, but how can we reconcile that with low diabetes rates just a few decades ago when they ate even more rice?

The protein exacerbation of the effect of refined carbs could help explain the remarkable results achieved by Dr. Kempner with a don’t-try-this-at-home diet composed of mostly white rice and sugar. See Kempner Rice Diet: Whipping Us Into Shape (http://nutritionfacts.org/video/kempner-rice-diet-whipping-us-into-shape/).

Refined grains may also not be good for our blood pressure (Whole Grains May Work As Well As Drugs http://nutritionfacts.org/video/whole-grains-may-work-as-well-as-drugs/).

What should we be eating to best decrease our risk of diabetes? See:
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Image Credit: IRRI Photos via Flickr.

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44 thoughts on “If White Rice is Linked to Diabetes, What About China?

  1. Yes white rice but all starchy and carbohydrates Foods are very harmful if they're not understood how to eat them use them and whatever the white rice is actually the worst rice you can eat why because they tamper with it they don't Harvest Brown and tamper with it so when you tamper with it and break it down it becomes worse for you but all carbohydrates and starches have to be really understood people so watch out with the carbs and starches

  2. Wrong.
    The culprit is wheat; not rice.
    Western countries fare worse in chronic disease outcomes because of their consumption of wheat as the staple instead of rice which the Japanese & Chinese consume as staple.

  3. Dr. Greger – you and other Vegan Docs have said that diabetes is associated with saturated fats – not either white or brown rice. Dr. Neal Barnard has done lots of research on this and published studies to support this.

  4. Candida type 2 is caused by candida and many i know did the candida spit test and have it. Antibiotics in meat, stress and alcohol reduce good gut bacteria and illness too, keep up with taking kefir.

  5. The claims made in this video are ridiculous. He says that adding meat to white rice raises the glycemic index. That is not true, it has been commonly known for years that adding protein or fat to carbohydrates LOWERS the glycemic index. There is even a term for it, it is called "the slope" .check out the Oxford study. This guy is a vegan activist so he is going to say that adding meat to anything will always be unhealthy.

  6. I'v been eating white rice since I was young I'm 30 now and still don't have diabetes my blood sugar is fine, I eat 3 to 4x a day, 5x in some occasion , bcos I'm a Filipino! , but now that people are rich , they can afford to buy meat 🍗 everything that make the tongue sweets and enjoyable to eat, what we do mix with rice is the caused of cancer , diabetes and certain diseases not the rice itself.

  7. Diapetes is not from rice , Chinese people eated rice very long times in history , but today there is McDonalds and sugar food . Sow this rice Connecticuting to diapetes is not and cannot be true

  8. Dr. I would love it if you would do a video showing plates full of food displaying exactly what and how a diabetic could eat in a full day, meaning for breakfast, lunch and for dinner. I'm confused,

  9. I wish there was a study on eating white rice with plant protein and tracking the glycemic index. I would expect that rice and beans wouldn't have the same effect as rice and meat.

  10. I'm sure it's more the fact that more processed food is entering into Asian diets. Also their more sedentary lifestyle in the last 50 yrs. as well as adding way more meat

  11. It’s the fat and oil that causes insulin resistance. That’s why vinegar increases insulin sensitivity caz it is an oil solvent. Eat only sugar and watch 10 days later of no oil no fat your diabetes disappears. Keto is not the solution for diabetes.

  12. Yes and no to the animal protein causing this. I am in china and i find that there are a number of Buddhists in the temples who have diabetes. It is the OIL as well as the processed condiments etc. cut out meat and oil and this problem disappears.

  13. I think white rice and white pasta are probably fine if eaten with some vegetable or beans. It helps keep costs down and the other stuff should help with blood sugar spikes and overeating.

  14. Brown rice is a medium glycemic food, white rice is not. That makes a huge difference. Still, white rice has been consumed in massive quantities in Asia even before the explosion in diabetes there, so something else must be happening, and protein consumption is probably to blame.

    Japan and China both have rising meat consumption, and rising consumption of fried, processed foods. Traditionally, these countries ate foods that were steamed and boiled predominantly, and people only occasionally ate meat. Stir frying was actually the Asian equivalent of "fast food", and only available to the affluent.

  15. Proper FOOD COMBINING IS KEY! The fact that you should NEVER eat protein with starch SHOULD be common knowledge. Meat and Potatoes in the same meal is TERRIBLE. A PIZZA with dairy,/cheese, meat and starch from the crust is even worse. Meat is digested much more easily if eaten by itself with a salad of raw veggies. The same goes for starch ie potatoes, grains, bread and the same goes for dairy.

    I bet if the Asian diets pre-1950s were studied you'd see a far healthier population with few animal products in the diet and you'd see lots of veggies eaten with their rice instead of meat and a much lower mortality rate..

  16. Nice video, I use Libre and Blucon and love them. The alarms are nice and are loud enough to wake me up. You can adjust your BG ranges to whatever you want. The best part of blucon is I can calibrate it for higher accuracy!

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