If Only | Write Out Loud


Those miniature lilac tea-candles

in the bathroom, on the john

are symbols of the teardrops

from the bathtub, they burned on.


And that spray of ivy hanging

from the candelabra on the wall

with pictures of dark oak leaves-

reflect you, & to me call.


Our Christmas tree is down now

with the tinsel, and the balls–

lies naked by the hall door;

our celebration, it recalls.


My coffee maker sleeping

all cold, and empty too,

but still is full of coffee-grounds;

the morning roused with you.


When I lay down and try to sleep

in our cushy queen-size bed,

the smell of you incensed the sheets;

Your essence fills my head.


The dream of us concluded

when you left that squalling day,

the streets were thick and icy~~~

If only you had stayed





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