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27 thoughts on ““I Will Teach You How to Sleep Correctly” | Nick Keomahavong (Buddhist Monk)”
  1. I never had the issue until I was around 23 where I genuinely can't sleep on my side because it constricts blood and my arm falls asleep.

  2. So like many others in the comment section i have like one room for everything, so the first tip i need to modify, and stick to rule that bed is only for sleep, because i used to read or watch phone in it. With second rule i also have to modify because obviously i won't throw away a good bed just because, but i do admit that i have some to comfy stuff, so i change them for sth more basic. About the third rule i have different 'problem' i am a very dreamy person and usually before sleeping i make stories or dreams or situations with me, and sometimes it takes to much time. I try with that thinking about what good that day i did.
    One thing that definitely is a must for me is that in room is rather cold that hot, and i need fresh air, without it i have to be really tired to just fall asleep.
    I think it would be great if at every country would be something like monk campus, where you can go for like 2 weeks and live life like monk, i think it would help many people to value actually the important things in life and to reflect on yourself.

  3. I know this to be true. A plain bedroom and a flat board to sleep on with maybe a comforter or two underneath helps lower back pain. But it might leave your hips and shoulders sore.

  4. Five minutes into the video and not a single word about how to get better sleep…. Bla Bla Bla about a thin mat, a robe pillow and a tent……….. I hung in there to the end, basically just empty your mind and relax and think good thoughts

  5. 'You lazy suckers, you think you're good at sleeping? I'm a hard working monk and I can sleep better than you lazy fools who've spend half their life sleeping.' Just kidding, nice video, good advice. Work hard, stay active and follow this advice… I bet it works 99% of the time.

  6. Rest in peace live in peace. Many dont believe it works but then many dont believe it is worth their life time to give themselves a fair go either. We dont have a life, we dont own it, it is given. Life flows through each & every one of us.

  7. Do things for their intended purpose. For instance, use your clothes as a pillow.

    There's good advice here, but you need to filter out some of the attempts to create simple rules. Clearly, this rule for living your life had the exception that sometimes something can serve more than one purpose. When it comes to dogma, take what makes sense and use it, but don't accept it as truth without careful consideration.

  8. a guide how to become a NPC 😀 I mean it has a touch but you are literally forcing urself to feel different, forming into npc lol

  9. My TV is on wheels, so I move it and the phone out of the room before bed. I keep a minimum of things on a small table next to bed. However, my bed is super comfortable because that is a place for me to recharge. I also have minimal things on the walls. I sleep like a baby. 😊

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