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I tried PURITO Defence Barrier PH Cleanser for ONE WEEK!! (she is useless yall)

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44 thoughts on “I tried PURITO Defence Barrier PH Cleanser for ONE WEEK!! (she is useless yall)

  1. U should try for toner cucumber facial toner+mosturiser, clay mask: australian pink clay mask, the tea tree witch hazel hot cloth cleanser or the t-zone charcol peel off face mask. Those are the main ones i use in skin care (i havent used the charcol peel off face mask in a while but that for me is a good face mask that i would use once a week)

  2. Hi, there I am a new subscriber love your videos so educational and entertaining. I wanted to ask your opinion or whether you could try nip and fab glycolic cleanser the face wash for a week to see your review on it. I know you did the salicylic wash from that company just curious about the glycolic wash.

  3. Hey. I need your thoughts on missha all around safe block essence sun milk. I have super sensitive skin and can’t find any suitable product. I wanna watch your review and then decide whether should I buy it or not.

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