I Tried K Beauty Skincare Influencers Promoted & This Is What Happened…

K Beauty Products Skincare Influencers Made Me Try and what I really think of them… Klaris, CosRX, ByWishtrend, Skin & Lab etc.
See what I’m looking at: (Wishtrend’s Cruelty-Free Skincare Products) https://bit.ly/3k6NI6P
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3:14 Klairs Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Oil: https://bit.ly/3jT2yh3
5:48 By Wishtrend Mandelic Acid 5% Skin Prep Water: https://bit.ly/3iMWBRC
8:36 Klairs Supple Preparation Unscented Toner: https://bit.ly/2FtMG5W
10:58 Klairs Daily Skin Hydrating Water: https://bit.ly/2H0Bn5k
13:38 Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop: https://bit.ly/3iTEt8P
16:57 Klairs Fundamental Watery Oil Drop: https://bit.ly/30VBRkz
19:16 Skin&Lab Barrierderm Intensive Cream: https://bit.ly/3dkkFtU
21:10 By Wishtrend Hibiscus Acid-Duo Hibiscus 63 Cream: https://bit.ly/3dtEEXi
23:45 Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patch: https://bit.ly/2SVgZoV

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39 thoughts on “I Tried K Beauty Skincare Influencers Promoted & This Is What Happened…

  1. I know this site offers quality dependent articles or reviews and extra data, is there any other web site which
    gives such stuff in quality?

  2. K beauty brand user for over a year now. Love love love. I can not say enough good things. Once you learn your skin type and what you need it is really to find what you need. Try Thank You farmer rice clay to foam cleaner, it helped with my large dirty pores. Klairs is the best!! I love their night midnight blue calming cream with my pink skin! I am 40 and have always used a moisturizer, but K beauty brands are on a next level.

  3. Basically everyone has to earn simple .so they endorse products which pay them . Now ppl are aware 😂 anyway now everyone has skin specialist or dermatologist ….

  4. Dear Cassandra, I'm loving your channel! I'm not a big social media's person, but ever since I've started watching your videos I've had an urge to take care of my skin and get a step closer to loving myself from inside out. So, big thanks to you for that! I don't have access to a dermatologist at the moment, so I came up with a gentle pro acne -ish skin care routine which I don't know if it's gonna work but hopefully it will. I would love to ask you to make a video in DEEP black heads since I have a monster on my forehead and don't know what to do about it 🙁 anyways, love your channel, you rock! All the love and all the success xxxxxx

  5. Hydrocolloid patches ARE EVERYTHING.

    I have cystic hormonal acne and I know the product says that it won’t work on deep acne.. but they work. 3 days and my pimple is gone when it would have taken 2 weeks otherwise. Soooooo useful for stopping picking

  6. Hi Cassandra , I have a question about hylaronic acid! I have dehydrated skin and I used hydro gel form neuttgena can’t spell this ! Lol
    A day cream I use has hylaronic acid in it too
    Is this overload?

  7. I have been using Momopuri gel cream – a J beauty skincare line for a while and my skin seems to love it. The price is pretty cheap, about $20 for 80G. And the product’s description and ingredients look promising, I would love if you make a review of their products. Cheers

  8. I ordered the Ordinary with AHA/BHA but it hasn’t come yet. I hope it doesn’t irritate my skin. I actually skip toner usually. My routine is cleanse, serum then moisturizer. I use vitamin C and a moisturizer with SPF in the AM and niacinamide and a moisturizer with squalane in the PM. Once I get the Ordinary I’m not sure where I’m going to work it into my routine. You make me want to try some of these but I can’t afford to buy any more products right now.

  9. Beautiful butterfly 🦋 I was wondering- how do you know if you have a damaged skin barrier? Also excuse my lack of knowing how to spell this lol- but how do you know if you have melamasma? Again I know it was not spelled right but the one around your mouth and what products or ingredients are good for it? I would be so grateful!! 🙏🏻 I’m combination skin but to be honest I’m a sebum machine and I hate it. I have a picking disorder as well. Super oily but dehydrated as well. Odd- so I’ve been buying B-Hydra intensive serum also Paulas choice Salicylic Acid toner. I am having a horrible time finding a great acne cleanser that works without stripping my skin. I’m losing hope…. turn and learn but not all of us are as smart as you…. need help!

  10. i have a really severe tree nut allergy and have to avoid things like sweet almond oil or macadamia ingredients in skin and hair care— is mandelic acid safe to use by someone like me since it’s derived from almonds?

  11. A question here guys someone help me out.
    So in my head “cleanser” is the equivalent of face wash aka things that you foam up, rub on your face and rinse
    But then I’m slowly confused because a few cleanser I saw are advertised more like.. make-up remover? Aka 1 step before going into face wash
    And then there’s oil cleanser
    And oil make-up remover…
    I’m very confused can someone help?

  12. Cassandra is the perfect beauty with brain but a twist of stupid white people that think everything is supposed to be pronounced in English like only English is available as a Lingua franca. Still love you tho! Keep on doing what you are doing!

  13. Hello cassandra! I would love to see you react and review COSRX skincare products!! It is a very popular asian products that works well in our country (Philippines) but it is also making its way to western countries having a good rep as I have seen on tiktok! Thank you!❤️

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