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I Quit Hormonal Birth Control! No more MIGRAINES!!!

Hey Guys! Welcome back to my channel. In today’s video, I spill the tea on how my body has changed since I quit taking birth control. I prefer my body in its natural state rather than being controlled by hormones. I hope y’all enjoy the video!!!


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15 thoughts on “I Quit Hormonal Birth Control! No more MIGRAINES!!!

  1. I get menstrual migraines without any BC. I suffer from them for like 5 years now. I thought your title ment you got rid of migraines cuz your bc since mine r hormonal i was tryna see what BC would help regulate them & maybe decrease them. You're super pretty btw!

  2. Omg I’m so glad I came across you’re video I’m getting serve migraines as well from the combination pills. I knew I wasn’t crazy it took me 4 months to figure it out. I went 4 months of having migraines for weeks on and off like you said with the eye pain, no light, no noise omg I’m officially done!

  3. Thank you for sharing your experience! 🙂 I have such bad migranes and the doctors havent been finding anything! Literally like waking up and going to sleep with a headache everyday….And exactly as in your case i have been taking the pills for two years now so it was weird for me that i only got the migranes after such a long time. Hope you were able to get rid of the migranes totally by now. I will try to leave the pills and see if it works for me too 🙂
    Also i was getting same eye pains i thought it was from my glasses but now as youre mentioning it…. maybe theyre not haha

  4. My last birth control was too strong and I lost vision in my left eye for two hours .. dr said they put me on the lowest dose but they put me on for women 250 lbs and up when I weighed 130

  5. Did you ever check your blood pressure, what were the number usually for you? Coz I'm experiencing the same thing girl… But I have migraines plus a higher blood pressure.. Also this weird thing where I can't take a satisfying breath some days, and for the 2 first years I was completely fine, so I'm with you girl

  6. Watching this while laying down with an ice pack to try to lessen the migraine 🥺. I’m taking the exact same thing Junele Fe, at least I know I’m not crazy thinking it’s birth control related.

    I was on Nexplanon previously definitely don’t recommend it.

  7. I’ve been having chronic migraines the past 3 ish years, I never associated it with my birth control but they are the worst cluster headaches EVER. They prevent me from doing anything. I went on birth control to control my horrible acne, I’m scared to get off because I feel like it’s all going to come back:/ but re migraines are getting so unbearable and nothing helps

  8. Quitting birth control has made my migraines worse, I've come off birth control as I need to know if I'm starting the menopause or not, all women in my family have early menopause, the pill forces my body to have a period and replaces the estrogen I would be missing if I were in menopause. Glad quitting has made it better.

  9. This implant in my arm is making my life HELL! the constant headaches are daily now and it’s like I can’t get a break I got on the implant after the birth of my son and even though my cycle is not as painful my head is always in pain and I’m taking waaaaaaaay too much pain medicine. So much aspirin combinations that the meds won’t even work anymore I’m making an appointment to get this crap out of my arm ASAP ❗️ Sorry for the long rant but I appreciate you making this video.

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