I feel bad that I haven’t even done a post announcing the safe arrival of my gorgeous little boy yet, but he is now 6 months old. I feel absolutely blessed to have this perfect little human in my life and I honestly feel as though becoming a mum has completed me and allowed me to be truly happy.

I have the best relationship with food I have ever had and feel fantastic! I no longer worry about what I eat or feel as though I need to restrict or binge in an attempt to deal with my emotions. A cuddle from my little boy is all I need to make me feel better if I’m ever feeling overwhelmed, down or anxious.

I have just completed the final unit of my nutrition degree so I am now a qualified nutritionist however I can’t see myself using my degree for some time. At the moment looking after my family is my priority and I am planning on having more kids before I start a career for myself.

Motherhood has by no means been easy. My baby is very hard to put down and has pretty much slept on me since we came home from hospital. And although he is 6 months old he is still waking several times a night. I am kind of used to being sleep deprived now though and still have lots of energy to live a healthy active life. 

My mental health is good lately which was a.pleasant surprise as I had a very rough first trimester of pregnancy and was worried I may develop post natal depression. Since having George however I would say I have been the complete opposite of depressed. 

I feel very grateful to have been able to breast feed him exclusively thus far and he is now eating solids too. He is a very healthy and chubby baby and I am so proud to be his mum. Staying healthy and happy so that I can be the best mum possible to my little man is my priority now.


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