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I had 1 period after being off the Depo. I'm late for a 2nd. Tests say I'm not pregnant. Can I be?

After getting the Depo shot, it takes longer for your body to return to normal and start having regular ovulatory cycles. What’s regular for you can be different than what was regular for you before you started having the Depo injections. You mentioned that you’ve had one period. It was kind of late if you compare it to what your cycles were before but your pregnancy tests are negative. It’s good that you took a test. That’s the number one reason why a woman wouldn’t have a period. But the amount of time it takes a woman to return to normal after getting Depo injections largely depends on body mass index. A woman who has a higher body mass index is likely to take longer to return back to normal cycles than a woman with a lower body mass index. It would be best to talk to your doctor about your concerns and they can take your health history, the medications you’re on, the different birth control options you’ve been using as well as your body mass index into account and help you decide if the things that you’re noticing about your cycles are normal or if it warrants further investigation or even maybe a change in treatment. Good luck with everything and if you have any other questions for me, feel free to ask them on our Facebook page at and recommend us to your friends and family, too.


6 thoughts on “I had 1 period after being off the Depo. I'm late for a 2nd. Tests say I'm not pregnant. Can I be?

  1. Hi good morning I am worry what is going on in my body I was on the depo peovera from august to October 25th I went back in December 6th but before I take the depo peovera injection I told the nurse that I am feeling movements in my Tommy she say to me we will talk a pregnancy test she took the test and it show negative and I was happy so I ask the nurse if it is ok for me to take the depo peovera injection she said yes so I take the depo peovera injection a week or two I still feeling movements in my Tommy so I went back to the family planning and I told the nurse I am still feeling movements in my Tommy so she take a another pregnancy test and it show negative again so she say to me come back and see the doctor I do that when I see the doctor she examined me and said that you are not pregnant so the doctor say I will send you to do a ultrasound I have not went to do it as yet but I am going next week I am worry about the baby I pray that nothing happens to the baby if there is anyone who has experience in the same problem and they baby born with now problem please tell me so I can stop worrying

  2. Hello My Name Is Ananda And I Received My First Period After Depo On Feb 26,2016 And It Left On March 6,2016. And Now It's Time For My Period Again And It's No Where In Sight. Could I Be Pregnant?

  3. well that's a lie when u say a woman with higher body mass that was taking depo prover would be harder to get a period I'm 5ft10 and I'm around 260lbs my last injection was November 23 2015 I was due February 10 2016 and I have been taking depo for 2 years and I got a 3 day period in march then another in April and I'm currently having the 3rd period hopefully I will ovulate after this period ends

  4. I got off my depo three months ago I spotted first month second spotted harder and third got my period this four month is my last day today and never got a period I usually get mine asap after being off it for a break could I be pregnant and we do pull out method lol..

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