I followed SELENA GOMEZ'S *new* makeup routine

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By admin

27 thoughts on “I followed SELENA GOMEZ’S *new* makeup routine”
  1. Love this Soph! Would love to see you try makeup artist’s tutorials. There’s a great MUA in Australia called Tanielle Jai- she’s super bronzy/glowy- right up your alley! Love your vids so much Soph, it always makes my day when I see you’ve posted 🎉❤

  2. I'm a guy. I've never worn makeup of any kind. I wear my face on my sleeve (not literally). I can't imagine the fuss of putting on all this stuff, nor how it must feel, nor that you probably can't touch your face once it's on. And what do you think about your natural face? Is that just an embarrassment to be hidden? Who's it for? Guys? Popularity with other girls?

  3. Definitely do not start the highlighter on the nose look again.
    I'm so glad that trend has died.
    I just want to hand people powder or a blotting paper, it looks so disgusting! 🤢

  4. Hi there – what is it that your are allergic too? I am allergic to something I creams which my dermatologist says is quite common in people with eczema like me….I’m currently toy waiting for a patch test to find out what it is, so I am using Clinique gel moisturiser at the moment which seems to suit me

  5. I need help figuring out what foundation color is for me. I have red spots due to inflammation, I have scars, and I am very pale. The skin color under my imperfections is a peachy white, but my neck is a different color, as is my chest and arms. How do I match my undertones? Do I match my face only or both face and neck? If the last, what do I do about my chest skin not matching? I'm sorry for such a strange question. I have become chronically ill since 2009, and my body has, in my opinion, started to resemble that of a monster. I have never NEEDED makeup now… I need it all the time but I don't know what I am doing. You have been helping me, though.

  6. I love your channel! You are beautiful with and without makeup! I may have missed a video about it, but how do you feel about Kaleidos lipsticks? You turned me on to their eyeshadow A.D. but idk about ordering their lipsticks. Help if you can, I'm sure you are busy! I love your videos! I have ordered so many products that you recommend and loved them!

  7. I just knew that at the end you would look like you had no makeup on lol I was right, Selena is too neutral for me. where is the color? where is the excitement? where is the makeup???

  8. Not gonna lie, I have never thought of my skin as a glazed donut and now I will consider nothing else. Glazed donut or bust. Lol ❤❤❤love you Soph!

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