I ate 5000 CALORIES of Vegan Junk Food | Healthy vs Unhealthy Vegan Challenge

In this 5000 calorie challenge, I ate 5000 calories of healthy vegan food in a day, then 5000 calories of unhealthy processed food …


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36 thoughts on “I ate 5000 CALORIES of Vegan Junk Food | Healthy vs Unhealthy Vegan Challenge”
  1. i get so bloated while being a vegan at first and then i started to eat more fiber but i still get bloated 😩 at this point is a part of me

  2. Please let’s not mix up veganism and plant based diet.
    You are doing 30 day plant based diet challenge, not vegan challenge.

    Veganism is not a diet, it’s a philosophy or way of life of minimizing the harm we cause to animals and avoiding unnecessary suffering.

    You can’t be vegan for a month, because you can’t be anti-animal abuse for a month.

  3. This is so good, just avoid soy because even though it is made out to be so super good for you its not good at all, I personally do not believe in being vegan as you should eat red meat and white meat because it’s very good

  4. In this video I measure 3 things: my energy levels, my bloat and the ease of eating 5000 cals (healthier Vs. processed vegan food). The difference between the 2 days was CRAZY! I hope you enjoy it and learn a little more about the science behind processed foods. Enjoy 🙏🏼 Love Teddy 🐶 & I ❤️

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