36 replies on “I ate 5000 CALORIES of Vegan Junk Food | Healthy vs Unhealthy Vegan Challenge”

  1. Please let’s not mix up veganism and plant based diet.
    You are doing 30 day plant based diet challenge, not vegan challenge.

    Veganism is not a diet, it’s a philosophy or way of life of minimizing the harm we cause to animals and avoiding unnecessary suffering.

    You can’t be vegan for a month, because you can’t be anti-animal abuse for a month.

  2. This is so good, just avoid soy because even though it is made out to be so super good for you its not good at all, I personally do not believe in being vegan as you should eat red meat and white meat because it’s very good

  3. In this video I measure 3 things: my energy levels, my bloat and the ease of eating 5000 cals (healthier Vs. processed vegan food). The difference between the 2 days was CRAZY! I hope you enjoy it and learn a little more about the science behind processed foods. Enjoy 🙏🏼 Love Teddy 🐶 & I ❤️

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